Car Ran Out of Gas and Won't Start After Refueling

Car Ran Out of Gas and Won’t Start After Refueling? [Answered]

There is no nightmare like finding your car has run out of gas on a road trip. But I want to tell you this is not the biggest problem. The most panicky part is that even if you refuel your car, it is not starting!

What will you do if the car ran out of gas and won’t start after refueling? If you don’t know yet, don’t worry, I will show you what to do to get back your car.

There can be reasons why your car is not starting even after refueling. When your car runs out of gas, it may get air inside it. Whatever the reason is, it’s pretty embarrassing!

But I have got your back! Tighten your seat belt, and let’s start the journey toward the ultimate cure to your problem!

The reasons behind the car do not start after refueling

The reasons behind the car do not start after refueling

You have taken gas from the station, and you are ready to rule the road, but alas! The vehicle is not starting! Why? You don’t know!

That’s why I want you to know why it is happening. There are a few reasons why the car does not start even after refueling. Let’s see what those are!

1. The first reason is the most common one, and it is the EVAP purge control valve that is not good. If the EVAP purge control valve is stuck open, the air goes into the intake manifold directly.

As a result, there seems to be excess fuel in the combustion chambers, which causes the starting issues.

2. The second reason is understandable because it happens to us regularly. That is the dead battery. If your car battery is dead or there are loose connections, then this will cause your car to refuse to start.

3. If the fuel filter is clogged, it will create a blockage. The fuel filter prevents the specks of dirt from the fuel. But if it is blocked, then the car the fuel efficiency decreases. It causes the starting failure.

4. Again, if the fuel pump is defective, it can be a good reason to have starting failure.

5. There are other reasons which I am accumulating here, such as lousy starter, issues with spark, alternator failure, etc.

Here are the reasons that are probably causing problems with your car even after refueling it, but you don’t know about.

Now you know the reasons to deal with.

But what to do in this situation is still unknown. Not anymore! I will tell you what you have to do. Bear with me!

What to do if the car runs out of gas and won’t start after refueling

What to do if the car runs out of gas and won't start after refueling

This kind of situation makes you stressed, and then you start panicking, having no cure.

So first off, STAY CALM! You have to stay calm to get rid of this situation and do things that will help you. Be positive and maintain the steps I will provide you with caution.

If the car runs out of gas and won’t start after refueling, there are some quick solutions I will be sharing with you.

If you just tried to start, and it is not working, then try for some times again. It might begin to confirm a problem, basically for testing.

You have to pop the hood to check if the connections are okay or not. If the connections are not in place, you have to try to reattach the connections with caution.

This is the basic to go with. Later on, other essential steps will help to solve your case by ensuring your car’s engine starts without putting so much pressure on the starter motor, battery, and ignition.

I have said earlier that it can take several tries to get your car started. But make sure you are not putting pressure on the ignition because it won’t do much rather than getting your car battery drained.

Apart from all of these, let’s find out the ultimate cure!

1. First off, you have to press the accelerator pedal, which will help engage the fuel injectors more quickly. This process will help circulate the fuel through the engine to start your car.

2. Then, you have to turn the ignition option in the ‘on’ position. But here, you must do this without starting the engine.

Try to do this several times. Doing this will help the electronic fuel circulate fuel quickly. But it won’t require extra power from the battery.

3. Above all of this, you have to try to give enough time to your car to cool down. You may wonder why? Because when you can runs out of gas, it may cause an over-heating situation, and you can face issues starting your car.

So to get back to the average temperature, your car requires some time, of course. Even if you have refueled the car, it may still be in an over-heating position.

That’s it. You have made it to the end.

Additional Tips

If you think that running out of fuel and having starter issues after refueling is not that critical, then let me tell you that you are wrong. I am providing some additional tips to make you extra alert!

1. To avoid this situation, you have to be prepared with your stuff. Such as, you have to go out with your car having fuel.

Whether it’s terrible weather, in a traffic jam, or on a long journey, you always have to be topped up to avoid running out of gas issues and starting failure.

2. If you can’t have your fuel tank filled up, try to have a quarter so that the car can’t get any dirty fuel below the tank.

Final Words

Ran Out of Gas and Won't Start After Refueling

You may think running out of gas is not a big thing. But not always the big thing that makes you worry; instead, the minor thing can bring your tears out!

Running out of gas can cause several issues and be bad for your car. Besides, if the vehicle does not start after refueling, it might get a big problem.

If the car ran out of gas and won’t start after refueling, follow the steps I provided you.

Prevention is better than cure. This article has provided you with the cure, but you have to remember that you have to be responsible enough to avoid this situation to keep your car in a good position.

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