If your Frigidaire air conditioner compressor is not turning on, it is likely due to a faulty compressor or a power issue. We will explore the common causes of this problem and provide troubleshooting tips to help you get your compressor up and running again.

We will also discuss when it may be necessary to contact a professional for assistance. By following these steps, you can easily determine the cause of the issue and take the necessary steps to fix it, ensuring that your Frigidaire air conditioner is working efficiently and effectively.

Why Is The Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor Not Turning On?

The Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor may fail to turn on due to several common issues. First, check the power source to ensure it’s correctly connected and functioning. If the power cord is damaged, it might prevent the compressor from starting.

Secondly, inspect the thermostat settings to make sure they’re properly adjusted for cooling. An incorrect setting could impact the compressor’s activation. Additionally, clogged air filters can limit airflow, causing the compressor to stop functioning. Clean or replace the filters regularly to avoid this problem.

Lastly, low refrigerant levels might lead to the compressor not turning on. If this is the case, you’ll need professional assistance to recharge the refrigerant. By addressing these common issues, you can solve the problem and enjoy a functional Frigidaire Air Conditioner compressor.

Electrical Issues: Check The Power Supply

The first step to troubleshoot a Frigidaire Air Conditioner with a compressor that won’t turn on is to check the power supply. Ensure that the unit is properly plugged into an outlet. Next, investigate the circuit breaker and fuses to determine if any are tripped or blown.

If everything appears to be in order, try testing the appliance with a different power outlet to eliminate the possibility of a faulty connection. By following these steps, you can identify and address any electrical issues that may be causing the air conditioner’s compressor to malfunction.

Thermostat Settings: Verify Proper Operation

To troubleshoot a Frigidaire air conditioner compressor that’s not turning on, start by checking the thermostat settings. First, make sure the thermostat is functioning properly. Then, adjust the settings by setting a lower temperature to see if the compressor kicks in.

If that doesn’t work, you can reset the thermostat to its factory defaults. This may resolve any programming issues that could be causing the compressor not to turn on. By verifying the thermostat operation and adjusting the settings accordingly, you can potentially solve the problem without the need for professional assistance.

It’s important to take these steps before considering other potential causes for the compressor not turning on. Keep in mind that proper maintenance and regular cleaning can also help prevent issues with the air conditioner’s compressor in the future.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor Not Turning on: Troubleshoot the Issue Now!

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Faulty Compressor: Troubleshoot And Repair

The Frigidaire air conditioner compressor may fail to turn on due to a faulty compressor. To troubleshoot and repair this issue, listen for any unusual noises emanating from the compressor. Additionally, check for leaks or potential refrigerant issues that could be affecting the compressor’s functionality.

To further diagnose the problem, you should test the compressor relay and capacitor for any faults.

Frequently Asked Questions On Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor Not Turning On

How Do I Reset My Frigidaire Air Compressor?

To reset your Frigidaire air compressor, locate the reset button or power switch and press it to turn off the compressor. Wait for a few minutes, then turn the compressor back on by pressing the reset button or flipping the power switch.

What Would Cause An Ac Compressor To Not Turn On?

Possible causes of an AC compressor not turning on could include a faulty thermostat, low refrigerant levels, or a malfunctioning electrical connection.

Why Wont My Window Ac Compressor Kick On?

Your window AC compressor may not kick on due to issues with the thermostat, power supply, or motor. It’s best to consult a professional for accurate diagnosis and repair.

Why Is My Frigidaire Air Conditioner Compressor Not Turning On?

There could be several reasons why your Frigidaire air conditioner compressor is not turning on. It could be due to a faulty thermostat, a tripped circuit breaker, a damaged compressor motor, or a refrigerant leak. It’s best to contact a professional technician to diagnose and fix the issue.


To troubleshoot a Frigidaire air conditioner compressor that’s not turning on, it’s important to have a good understanding of the potential causes. Start by checking the power source and ensuring that the unit is properly plugged in. If that’s not the issue, inspect the thermostat settings and ensure they are correctly configured.

It’s also recommended to examine the wiring and connections for any loose or damaged parts. Clean the air filters regularly to prevent blockages that can affect the compressor’s functioning. If you’ve exhausted these steps and the compressor still won’t turn on, it may be best to contact a professional technician for further assistance.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can increase the chances of resolving the issue and enjoying a well-functioning air conditioning system. Remember to perform regular maintenance to prolong the life of your Frigidaire air conditioner compressor.

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