How do Chevy Dual Tanks Work

How do Chevy Dual Tanks Work? Definitive Guide for 2024

Knowing the working process of chevy dual tanks is very important if you want to install it perfectly and want the best performance.

Because if you don’t know how do chevy dual tanks work, you may fail to install the dual tanks in the right way. And if you can’t set the chevy dual tanks properly, you may face negative consequences, and you will not get the expected performances.

Ultimately, it will not be worth the money. For example, because of a lack of knowledge on the working process of chevy dual tanks, suppose you have installed the primary tank on the right side, whereas you have to install it on the left side.

It will create a whole mess. So, you have to know how exactly do chevy dual tanks work; otherwise, what’s the point of buying them?

With proper knowledge of the detailed working process of chevy dual tanks, you will be able to use the chevy dual tanks vehicles perfectly without facing any major inconveniences.

If you are panicking about whether the process is tough or not. Let me assure you that, after going through this article, you will find it the easiest process.

So, let’s go ahead and know the working process and other related things to chevy dual tanks.

Chevy dual tanks

Chevy dual tanks

Let’s get some facts in brief about the chevy dual tanks before discussing the working process of chevy dual tanks.

Not every vehicle features chevy dual tanks. However, on the vehicles that have chevy dual tanks, the front tank is considered the main tank. On the other hand, the rear tank works as the auxiliary tank. The fuel injection unit receives fuel from the main fuel balance pump.

The low-pressure fuel balance pump (approximately 32 kPa or 7 psi) is solely used to transfer fuel from the auxiliary tank to the main tank, balancing the fuel levels in both tanks.

Basically, both these front and rear tanks of chevy dual tanks fulfill the responsibility of transferring fuel to the main fuel tank and keeping the engine in good condition.

Know-How do Chevy dual tanks work

Know-How do Chevy dual tanks work

As I have already mentioned, the important factors relating to chevy dual tanks, so, to save time, let’s get directly into the working process of chevy dual tanks. The working process consists of some easy steps.

You already know which one is the main tank and which one is the auxiliary tank. But to make sure that you remember it correctly here’s repeating again, the front tank on the chevy dual tanks works as the main tank, whereas the rear tank works as the auxiliary tank.

The fuel level in both tanks needs to be balanced properly. That’s why the fuel sender and balancing module energizes the fuel pump relay when the main tank level dips to around 25% below the level in the auxiliary tank.

The fuel is transferred from the auxiliary tank to the main tank. The module d-energizes the balance pump relay and fuel pump when the level in the main tank reaches a level slightly higher than the level in the auxiliary tank or when the auxiliary tank is empty.

A “computer” controls the rear tank, which senses the level of both tanks (rear and side). It activates a transfer pump that flows fuel to the side tank when it detects a particular level in the main tank. I don’t believe the system has any driver override; everything is automated.

The side tank functions in the same way as any other Duramax fuel system. To transport fuel to the engine, there is no lift pump.

However, if either of the fuel gauge circuits fails, the system will be disabled, and fuel will not be transported from the auxiliary to the main fuel tank.

And if this transportation doesn’t take place, there will be a significant trouble. So, you have to be very careful.

Re-installing Chevy dual tanks

Re-installing Chevy dual tanks

I have seen many people complaining about the manual installment process of the chevy dual tanks. And that’s why here in this section, I am sharing some of the ideas to re-install the chevy dual tanks so that you can solve the installment-related problems yourself by going with any of the alternatives.

First, try to run a pipe between the frame rail and the bed to the “new” tank and tie it into the old tank’s filler neck at the lowest place. In this way, when the old tank is full, and it will begin to fill the neck, it will automatically spill over to the “new” tank.

Secondly, you may simply turn the pipe over and fill it from the wheel opening. My crew has been like that since I removed the flatbed and replaced it with a single tank bed.

Square Body Chevy Dual Tanks

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Where is the fuel selector located?

In a vehicle that has chevy dual tanks, finding the fuel selector is very easy. The fuel selector is located on the inside of the driver’s side frame rail. The fuel is moved from the rear tank to the front tank using the fuel transfer pump.

How to fix the balance of the chevy dual tanks?

Very Easy.

If there’s an imbalance between the chevy dual tanks, you have to reset and replace the front sender first to make the dual tanks function properly. Then, you will find the “fuel balance module” upon the frame rail; it helps to oversee the fuel level in both the tanks. Whenever you feel that there may be some imbalances, you have to check and control the fuel balance module, and in that way, the problem will hopefully be fixed.

Final Words

How do Chevy Dual Tanks Work

Many people often ask how do chevy dual tanks work and worry thinking that the whole working process may be very tricky, whereas, in reality, the process is quite easy to understand. Similarly, it is very important to know the working process of chevy dual tanks properly. Otherwise, you will be in a dilemma while installing or repairing the vehicle with a chevy dual tank. I have already talked about this above.

Go through this article, and you will easily understand not only the working process of chevy dual tanks but also the major basics of chevy dual tanks.

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