How Many Times Can a Car Battery Charge a Phone

How Many Times Can a Car Battery Charge a Phone? Step-By-Step Guide with Video in 2024

Whether you are going out, have been a campaign, on a road trip, or experiencing a power outage, you’ve probably wondered, “How many times can my car battery charge my cell phone?”

The battery capacity of each brand and model of cell phone varies, determining how many charges you may expect from your car battery. The greater the watt-hour rating of the cell phone, the more watt-hours it will drain from the car battery in order to charge it.

The method you charge your phone will have a significant impact on the number of charges you may expect! That’s why we have put all the ideas throughout the article to let you know how many times can a car battery charge a phone. Let’s dive into it.

Things should know about Car Batteries and Phone batteries –

Things should know about Car Batteries and Phone batteries

A normal automobile battery has a capacity of roughly 70 amp-hours (70Ah). A normal phone battery has a capacity of around 4000 mAh or 4Ah.

The energy stored in a battery per unit output voltage is measured in amp-hours. A cell phone battery has a 4.2V output, while a car battery has slightly more than 12V. Assume a voltage of 12V. The total energy stored in a car battery is 70*12 Vah, while it is 4.2*4 Vah in a mobile battery. As a result, 70*12/ (4*4.2) = 50 times can be charged.

Methods of Charging a Phone from Car Battery

Methods of Charging a Phone from Car Battery

1. Direct Current (DC)- This technique will undoubtedly be the most efficient of the two, but it will not be without inefficiencies.

  • Simply take a cord with a DC port (cigarette lighter socket) on one end and clamps on the other, which will go on your battery terminals, and use this method (black on negative, red on positive).
  • Then, just like in a car, you’ll connect a USB adaptor into the cigarette lighter outlet and then your USB cord into that.

Because the USB adapter your current to keep your phone safe, you’ll lose roughly 10% efficiency using this way. To get the real amount of current being extracted from the car battery to then flow via the USB adaptor (where it loses 10%) and still supply the appropriate amount of power to the phone, we’ll need to split our cell phone’s demands by 0.9.

2. Alternating Current (AC)- Firstly, attaching an inverter to the terminals of your car battery and then putting an extension cord (or your mobile phone charger) directly into the inverter is one way to do it. Essentially, the inverter will become your new “wall outlet.”

Does frequent charging damage a car battery?

Does frequent charging damage a car battery

A lead-acid automobile battery will not be harmed by frequent charging; however, it will be harmed by the following:

  • Overcharging on a regular basis
  • Continually depleting the battery below 50% of its full charge or 10.5 volts.
  • Allowing the electrolyte level to fall beyond the plates’ tops
  • Allowing the battery to sit below 80% charge for long periods of time
  • Keeping the battery at temperatures over 75°F for an extended period of time

How Many Times Can a Car Battery Charge a Phone?

How Much Power does my Car Battery Have to Power my Cell Phone

This is a nice question that can be a little difficult to answer.

Car batteries are classified as “starter batteries,” which implies they are not designed for “deep cycling.” As a result, you shouldn’t use them to power long-distance appliances or gadgets.

They’re made to use around 2% to 3% of their capacity in a few seconds (a lot of amps!), then be recharged by the alternator as you drive.

A car battery’s internal structure and design are not intended for extended use below 90%, and anything less than that will shorten the battery’s lifespan.

A healthy automobile battery can likely keep up 10-12 complete or nearly full discharges before it stops working in your vehicle.

If you insist on using your car batteries, or if you’re just curious, we’ll need to figure out its AH rating (ampere (or amp) hours).

Unfortunately, automobile batteries are measured in CCA  rather than AH, and there is no reliable way to convert between the two.

However, most experts in the automotive and battery industries believe that a normal automobile battery has roughly a 50AH equivalence, which is what I’ll be utilizing in my examples below.

Even if you know the amp hours, you can have two batteries with differing voltages, which can result in a deadlock. When everything is measured in watt-hours, you’ve already eliminated the majority of the obstacles to calculation.

We use the math (amps * volts = watts) and 50ah * 12v = 600-watt hours because our automobile battery has 50AH and is a 12-volt battery (wh).

For the purposes of this essay, we’ll suppose that your car battery is 600wh, reasonably new, and in good working order, and that you’re trying to charge your phone using only the car battery (not connected to the car).

Charging Phone while Car is off: Is It Safe?

Charging Phone while Car is off: Is It Safe

The vehicle offers a lot of characteristics. So, let’s see if charging your phone when the engine isn’t running will have any negative implications for your car Though it depends on How Many Times Can a Car Battery Charge a Phone.

1. The car’s battery is drained?

Yes, charging the phone while the car is turned off would drain the battery. However, the drain is so insignificant that it has no effect on the battery’s performance.

Furthermore, never rely on an old and shabby battery to charge your phone when the ignition is turned off. The current that passes through the phone is measured in mill amperes thus it can’t be counted. A phone’s approximate charge consumption ranges from two to one AH.

2. Is it safe for the battery of my phone?

In most cases, your phone has nothing to do with the power supply. The phone will charge without any problems whether you use a USB cord or the car’s accessory port. The specification of the source from which you are about to charge your phone is the sole factor that influences the battery life of your phone. It won’t hurt your phone in the least if the input source is certified for power stability.

As a result, charging your phone in the automobile is perfectly safe.

Final Thoughts

Charging Phone while Car is off: Is It Safe

You must know How Many Times Can a Car Battery Charge a Phone before you wish to charge your phone using a car battery. You will be able to charge your phone at any time and at any location once you have gained understanding.

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