How to clean outdoor rug with OxiClean

How to clean outdoor rug with OxiClean? Which One Should Use & Why?

Whenever we make new decking, we always want it to last for a long time. To make it last long, what we mainly consider is an outdoor rug. An outdoor rug protects your decking from damage.

As the outdoor rug always stays outside of the house, it gets dirty after using it for some days. So, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Oxiclean can be the best remover that you can use to clean an outdoor rug.

This article is designed in a way, in case, you do not know how to clean outdoor rug with Oxiclean. There are some easy steps that you need to follow to clean an outdoor rug. Let’s see the steps in details.

What is Oxiclean?

What is Oxiclean

Oxiclean is a common stain remover nowadays. It is a versatile stain remover that comes in the form of a powder that, once mixed with water, becomes active (hot or warm water work best).

Oxygen is generated, and it goes after the stains rather than the fabric, which enables it to remove many stubborn stains from water-washable clothes, carpet, furniture, and hard surfaces located both inside and outside of the house.

4 Steps How to clean outdoor rug with Oxiclean

clean outdoor rug with OxiClean

Step 1: Vacuum up the outdoor rug

Before beginning to clean an outdoor rug, you should begin by brushing out all of the loose particles and marveling at all of the unpleasant mold and mildew patches that cover the rug.

Step 2: Mix up OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

The next step is to use a modest-sized plastic bucket to prepare a solution of OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover. To be more exact, measure out 16 ounces of hot water and pour it into the bucket. After that, use the scoop that was included with the OxiClean bucket to fill the bucket up to the line that is indicated with 1.

After thoroughly combining the ingredients, go to the backyard. (As a point of caution, if you use OxiClean, be sure to follow the guidelines on the packaging. If you buy a model that is different from the one that is described in this article, the instructions can be different.)

Step 3: To clean the outdoor rug, apply the Oxiclean to it

Apply a generous amount of the OxiClean solution all over the rug with a sponge. It goes without saying that you should carry out these steps in a location where it will not be an issue if OxiClean seeps through the carpeting and onto the surfaces below.

Allow the rug to be treated with the OxiClean solution for about one hour. After that, wash it off to expose a rug.

Repeat the procedure of preparing the OxiClean solution and applying it generously to the outdoor rug if there is still any mildew and/or stains on the rug after the first round of treatment. Also, this time, work it into the rug much more, being sure to concentrate extra hard on the green areas.

Repeat the process of allowing the rug to remain in the OxiClean solution for roughly one hour before hosing it down once again. It seems like the second time is the charm! The outdoor carpeting has been thoroughly cleaned and is shining as new now.

Step 4: Dry the outside rug in the sunlight

To get it started drying off, pull over to a sunny location in the driveway and leave it there. If you want to wash your outdoor rug, you should keep this information in mind since it may take up to 12 hours for the rug to completely dry after being washed. This may come as a surprise to you.

When it is completely dry, move it back. While you are there, take note of how much whiter it became, as well as how there is no longer any mildew on your outdoor rug. The results of using this method to clean your rugs will have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your outdoor area.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How often should I clean my outdoor rug?

The response to this question will change depending on where the rug is located, how much foot traffic it receives, whether or not pets reside in the family, and how many pets there are, as well as how well the rug is kept (vacuumed, spot-treated, etc.).

In general, you should give your area rug a deep cleaning once every 12 to 18 months at the latest. It is possible that the rug has to be cleaned more often than once every six to eight months if it is located in a high-traffic location such as the kitchen or the family room.

Can I use vacuum cleaner on the rug?

Yes, you definitely use a vacuum cleaner on the rug. In addition to more in-depth cleanings, rugs should also be cleaned on a regular basis. Following professional cleanings, keeping the rug vacuumed helps maintain its pleasant appearance by reducing the amount of dust and debris that settles deep within the rug’s strands.

It is recommended that rugs be vacuumed at least once a week on average.

How can I know whether the outdoor rug of my house needs to be cleaned?

Simply taking a quick glance at a rug may not be enough to tell you whether or not it needs to be cleaned. The typical scenario that emerges when a rug starts to get dirty is that it will progressively lose its shine over time.

Pick up a corner of the rug and give it a thump with your palm to get an idea of how unclean the rug is overall. A sign that the rug needs to be cleaned is when a cloud of dust is kicked up while walking on it.

If dirt is visible deep inside the pile of the rug, it has to be professionally cleaned since a vacuum cleaner cannot reach that far into the pile.

How can I dry my outdoor rug?

Drying outdoor rug is not much difficult work. You just need to be sure to lay your outdoor rug out in the sun for a sufficient amount of time after you have washed and rung it out, or if it has just emerged unharmed from the most recent tropical storm.

If you want to make sure that it dries properly on both sides, you can hang it over a railing where it will get plenty of sun and turn it over often. It will do more damage than good if you let it dry in the shade or if you let it stay in the surplus water that was used to wash it while you were washing it.

Always keep in mind that natural sunshine acts as the most effective disinfectant, both physically and symbolically.

What is the method to store an outdoor rug?

The amount of time spent outside on your outdoor rugs might vary greatly from day to day depending on the climate. When your rugs are not being used, you should make an effort to store them so that they do not have to be exposed to the elements for longer than is necessary.

It should be rolled up, and then secured using stretch cords or rope. After you have wrapped your rug in plastic or placed it beneath a tarp, look for an empty space in the garage to keep it in until the following year.

Final words

to clean outdoor rug with OxiClean

When someone sees a dirty outdoor rug in front of your house, it might create a bad impression about you to them, which you will not like for sure. To save you from such embarrassment, we provided you details cleaning process of outdoor rug with Oxiclean.

Now you can clean your outdoor rug easily and create a good impression about you to the visitors or guests of your house.