How To Clean Rubber Backed Door Mats

How To Clean Rubber Backed Door Mats? Detailed Guide for Newbie

People maintain various technics to keep the outdoor or indoor area clean and tidy. Layering an eye-catching doormat is one of them. Generally, we use rugs to keep the house clean, but we often forget that it is important to clean these rugs regularly.

We all know that the longevity of anything increases by double if we take care of that. The same goes for the rubber-backed door mats. If you want a spotless floor, you need to take care of the doormats so that they work effectively.

But, do you know how to clean rubber-backed door mats? If you want to do this quickly and properly, follow the below information.

How To Clean Outdoor Entrance Mats?

Shake To Remove Loose Dirt

It is the easiest technic to clean your rubber-backed doormats. You can do this daily if you place the doormat in a heavy traffic area. All you need is to bring the doormat outside and shake it well.

While doing it, you will see a lot of dust and other loose dirt will fall off instantly. It is the most effective way to clean rubber backed door mats without putting in much effort. However, while doing it, do not forget to hide your nose and eyes with a mask and glass, or else, the dirt will hurt you or cause an allergic infection.

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Vacuum Cleaning

When you are done with the above step, but still your rugs with rubber backing on hardwood floors have some tough mess, you can follow this step. In fact, if you vacuum clean your doormats once or twice a month, they will look brand new for a long time. To vacuum clean your doormat, you can take a small vacuum machine or the larger ones.

vacuum cleaning

First of all, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda and scrub the doormat with a brush. After scrubbing for five to ten minutes, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining baking soda and all the dirt. If your doormat has grooves, you can choose the vacuum with narrow-headed suction, so that it can take out the dirt from those tough areas.

Mop With A Damp Cloth

This technic is the most suitable option for cleaning the rubber backed doormats. If you cannot afford a vacuum machine or want to save your electric bill, you can follow this method. You can simply clean the dirt with a damp cloth.


No worries, water will not tear or damage the water. Besides, you can use a hose pump to clean the doormats and let them air dry. You can check our review on the best contour bath mats.

Sometimes Washing Machine

It is completely an optional step in cleaning rubber backed door mats. If you think the doormat is still dirty, you can throw that into a washing machine once a month. Hence, do not overdo this step, or else, your rubber mat will start flaking or tearing. Besides, the fiber may get separated from the rubber backing if you often wash it in a washing machine.

How to Clean Rubber Flooring in 4 Easy Steps

Final Words

Whether your welcoming doormats protect your floor or add beauty to the entrance, it is the very first thing that your guests notice while entering your home. It becomes an eyesore if you do not clean the doormats regularly.

Therefore, if you do not want to impact any bad impression on your guests, you should know the cleaning method of a rubber backed door mats and keep them clean.