How to Convert A DC Motor into A Generator

How to Convert A DC Motor into A Generator? Steps to Follow!

Tell us if you buy any generators recently? What will be your reaction if we tell you, you can create your own generator using a dc motor?

Yeah, shocking, right!

Here we are going to tell you the secret of how to convert a DC motor into a generator. It’s pretty easy.

Do you have a DC motor in your collection? We are waiting; here you are. Um, it’s okay if you don’t have. We will say you can easily collect plenty of dc motors from the science center or super shop.

You can take micro motors or any motor and turn any of these modules into a generator. What!

Are you thinking about why we said this process of conversion is easy even though it looks quite hard to understand!

Thrilling right!

Steps to convert DC motor into a generator

Steps to convert DC motor into a generator

You know what a motor does is takes energy from a battery. Take a motor in your hand; what do you see?

Do you notice two posts on the upper part? Yeah, let you know that is the energy source, and that also turns into mechanical energy by turning the shaft hooked up to gears and pulleys.

Um, propellers, wind turbines, anything like that.

Do you see the shaft? Just look down at your motor. There is a shaft down there! Now you see? We hope so.

As you get to know the basic introduction of your dc motor already. What do you think you are ready to start the conversion?

Get yourself prepared; let’s jump to the process.

  • First, you need to take the motor that you need to turn into a generator. Let’s hope you pick a 1.5-volt dc motor.

We are here using a 1.5-volt motor, and you know it has 3 strands of 50 loops in each strand.

Check it out there. Each strand is connected to the post, right?

Uh no! Where is your motor kit? Don’t forget about it because your kit is the game-changer here.

  • Are you curious about how it does it? You bring your badger, right? Now connect your badger to the switch.
  • What happened next? Do you remember about the switch that you connected to badger or have forgotten already!

Knock knock! It’s a wake-up call. Through the switch, electricity goes through to the motor.

Boom! This is the interval part of the show. Electricity goes through it, and what do you think is going to happen?

It creates magnetic induction!

  • Time to show your hand strength, yahoo. Ready to start spinning the motor? Continue it for about a couple of minutes.
  • A question pops up in your mind how long, dude! Trust us, and it will work.
  • Uh, wait, let us know if your motor creates vibration a lot during spinning. Don’t panic. It can happen because all the motor is not made to spin, you know.
  • Go fast manage a ceramic bearer; it can help you to control the pressure and vibration that create during spinning.
  • Do you can to know secret tips? Always try to use a smaller motor that easy to convert? Later, when you become a pro in converting, try others.
  • Do you see the little sparkle of electricity produced in the motor? Yeah, it is ready.

So, now to make it a generator, you need to simply spin.

Let us know if you got a similar result. Suppose your answer is yes, then, dude! You make it. Your generator is ready.

Okay, let’s have a quick check. Is it working? Go fast, bring any led light chip till then we should take some rest. Wake me up if you find one.

What! So fast, man! You are very excited to check your generator. We understand your excitement! HAHAHA

Okay, now connect the chip with your newly created generator. Yes! You see the light that turns on.

What we can say now. Congress, you made it! Now you can say you know how to convert a DC motor into a generator. 

All we have done is the opposite of what motor does.

Here now you the easiest process to turn DC motor to generator. Are you going to thank me cause you already successfully created your own generator?

Additional tips

Additional tips

Things need to keep in your mind-

  • Now, you are thinking, huh! So, easy to turn the DC motor into a generator. All you need to spin.

NO NO! Here is your misconception, in real practice, it is not going to happen like this.

You need to know that all the motor is not made to spin by shaft cause when you are going to spin the motor by the shaft, you may feel something um like vibration on the wobble in the shaft.

That creates a lot of pressure to bear, so; we will suggest a ceramic bearing for the generator. But don’t worry, here is the solution to use a small size of motor cause it is quite easy.

  • Here we are going to share with you a secret you should always keep in mind are that as you convert your dc motor with a permanent magnet.

You need not worry about whether it is brushed or not. You know what! A brushless motor makes a great generator, but all you need to do is a rectifier to get DC output.

Final Words

to Convert A DC Motor into A Generator

What do you think about the process? Is it easy for you? Frankly speaking, here we are trying to give you the easiest way to make your generator.

Now you no need to buy a generator because you know the process to make one. Isn’t it cool!

After reading the article, let us know if you get a clear idea about how to convert a DC motor into a generator.

Now, go and try it often, and create your own generator at home. Let others help to know also.

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