How to Cut Deer Antlers? Definitive Guide for 2024

Deer antlers are the beautiful crown of deer that helps them to defend themselves from attacks on the wildlife. So, you might be thinking in this beginning about how to cut deer antlers?

The antlers are very hard and gorgeous, and so utmost caution should be maintained while working with them. Lack of preparation and skills might lead to serious accidents and injuries, so be sure to wear proper protection and/or have someone a little more experienced with you at all times.

However, if you have the proper knowledge of handling it, you can use these antlers to make crafts or simply hang them on your wall with absolute ease!

Now that we know what deer antlers are let us discuss how to cut them!

Know-How to cut deer antlers

Know-How to cut deer antlers

The horn cutting off a deer can be a form of art or simply a daily job, and it has to get done. The possible tools for commencing the job are using a very sharp knife, a hand saw, or a chain saw.

The chain saw provides the quickest method to get the job done, but the main disadvantage of using it is that it does not have much precision. But the combination of a sharp knife and saw can give the accuracy to cut at the correct places and points and leaves the opportunity for the future mount.

Now let us swiftly discuss the cutting process of deer antlers. Please be sure to follow the procedure step-by-step for the best and safest outcome.

What are the things needed to get the job done?

What are the things needed to get the job done

The perfect tools are needed in order to do the task perfectly, or else you might face failure. Here is the list of things that are needed before starting:

  • A sharp knife
  • Hack saw
  • Deer antler
  • Protective gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Hammer
  • Chisel

Now, if you have all the tools you will need, we can get into the main procedure.

How can the horns be removed?

How can the horns be removed

Cutting deer antlers is quite messy if you are not aware of the proper methods of cutting them. But do not panic! There are ways to do it safely and efficiently! If you are using a knife to cut the antler, then you have to stay extremely careful and precise about it because a very small mistake might lead to something deadly even before you are able to realize it. So, let us go through the ways of cutting deer antler.

1. Firstly, you need to set the base of the skull on the surface. You can have another person holding the antler tips while applying downward pressure.

2. Start sawing and make a horizontal cut just 5 inches below the anthers of the skull. Stop cutting as soon as you reach the eye sockets.

3. Go for a second vertical cut starting from the eye sockets, and do not end until you reach the first cut. The antlers are now mostly free from the skull. If you want to go for a European Antler Mount, then stop at this point.

4. The scrap skull needs to be removed from the table and placed on the base of the antlers to flush the skull cap with the table. Use some assistance to hold the pressure downwards on the antlers.

5. Do a vertical cut between the antlers to separate them. The antlers are now perfect for use for decoration or any other purpose.

6. Since the remaining part of the skull is fragile, so you need to hit the base of the antler with a hard surface to remain the remaining parts into pieces.

What are the benefits of deer antlers to humans?

What are the benefits of deer antlers to humans

People commonly use deer antlers to improve strength, endurance, athletic performance and repair injured muscles or tissues. The antlers are crushed and turned into supplements. These supplements can be used to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, promote youthfulness, improving fertility, among many other health benefits.

How do you measure deer antlers’ size?

The buck’s circumference measurement can be estimated simply by judging how much it is smaller or bigger than the antler’s circumference from the reference point of the buck’s eye. If the antler is nearly 3/4th of the eye circumference, then it is most likely to be within the 3-inch range.

What saw can be used to cut antlers?

Both bone saw and regular hand saw, which are used for cutting woods, are the perfect tools to cut antlers. However, one good rule of thumb is to get an extremely sharp saw. But make sure you use it with caution and the right type of protection.

Can antlers be cut off from a deer?

Can antlers be cut off from a deer

Cut at least a few inches below the base of each antler and use a hacksaw to cut through the skull. Make the cut completely through the skull bone so that both the antlers could be held together by the bone of the skull.

Why do deer bleed when the antlers are cut?

The growing antlers cover a skin full of blood vessels which promote vigorous and healthy growth of antlers. This is generally known as velvet. If this region is cut or damaged, then it will bleed because of the blood vessels inside it. This is absolutely normal.

What happens to deer antlers when they fall off?

What happens to deer antlers when they fall off

After the rut (mating season), the male deer’s testosterone levels drop. These cells damage the pedicle, which eventually results in deer antlers becoming weak, and the deer shed their antlers. But this whole process does not hurt the deer.

Do deer grow new antlers every year?

Do deer grow new antlers every year

The growing and shedding of antlers happen annually. Male antlers generally grow in the late spring. The growth typically starts in the pedicle, which is the antler growing base attached to the skull.

Now that we have successfully established the uses of deer antlers and why they may serve us the best, we can finally conclude that now you know how to cut deer antlers!

Final Words

to Cut Deer Antlers

As you have reached this segment of the article, now, I can clearly say that you know all the tips and tricks of how to cut deer antlers.

As I have organized the articles on cutting deer antlers, you can easily have a better idea and details about antlers cut and other related aspects of the antlers. So, get the details process of cutting and have your own antlers.

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