How to Get Internet Without Ethernet Cable?

You may be wondering how it is possible to get an internet connection without ethernet cables, right? In fact, it’s not an issue in the advanced tech era.

Nowadays, it is pretty much possible to have an internet connection without Ethernet cables. Indeed, there are a lot of sources you can resort to having an internet connection without depending on an ethernet cable.

If you want to use your laptop or TV without any cables hanging out of it or if you need access to high-speed internet in a remote location without facing the hassle of ethernet connectivity, then you must check out how to get internet without ethernet cable.

Therefore, we have designed the article to let you know the detail about the variety of internet sources without ethernet cable and ensure easy internet access.

What’s an Ethernet Cable?

What’s an Ethernet Cable

An ethernet cable is a type of cable that connects your computer (Desktop, Laptop) device with a network device (Router, Modem). It looks similar to a phone cable.
 At the end of each cable, there is an RJ45 connector that is used to plug-in in ethernet ports. Ethernet cables come in different variations known as Cat. CAT5 to CAT8 is available in the market, depending on where you live.
How to Get Internet without Ethernet Cable?

to Get Internet without Ethernet CableAlmost all modern electronic devices nowadays have Wi-Fi. You can simply turn it on and connect it with your router. If, however, you don’t have built-in Wi-Fi in it, you can buy a Wi-Fi adapter and plug it into your device, and now you have Wi-Fi access to the internet. 

How to Get internet Anywhere without Ethernet Cable?

How to Get internet Anywhere without Ethernet Cable

1. Cellular Modem: Cellular Modem/USB Modem provides 3G or 4G (LTE) cellular connectivity to laptops, desktops, and other electronic-supported devices. It comes in different shapes and sizes.

  1. Mobile Hotspot
  2. Laptop Stick
  3. Mifi
  4. Portable Modem

You need to purchase an internet plane to use these gadgets. The price of it may vary depending on where you live.


  • Internet connectivity from practically anywhere in the world.
  • It’s portable. Thus, you can use it while you are moving in any vehicle. You have nothing to worry about if you are planning to make a trip with a large number of people in any remote location.
  • You can use a wide range of devices on it. It will have no hang or slow issues or heat issues like the mobile tethering.
  • It works better than mobile tethering as it’s specifically made for this purpose. Thus, it can handle tasks more efficiently.


  • It will only work in those areas it has coverage.
  • You will separate data plans

2. Mobile Tethering: Mobile tethering hotspot is the most readily available method to get internet from anywhere.

Mobile Hotspot allows you to share high-speed 4G or 5G internet with a wide range of devices in any location.

  • You will not have to buy an external device.
  • You can use it anywhere in the world with just your phone.


  • Connecting multiple devices can significantly drain your battery percentage. If you’re an iPhone user, you might wanna look out for your battery health if you use it on a daily basis.
  • Your current data plan might not support so much traffics. You might have to upgrade your data plan to continue sharing the internet with a long-range of devices.

3. Satellite Internet: A revolutionary project to bring the internet everywhere and anywhere around the world. Billionaire Elon Mask’s company Starlink is ahead in this game. There are a couple of big players in this game as well, such as Jeff Bezos’ company.

The tech is ready but expensive, and depending on where you live, and you can get access to it. The tech will be available for public use by the end of 2022.

The tech is still not ‘Internet from everywhere’ because you will need to put up an antenna and accessories to make it work. It’s more like the internet from ‘everywhere’ but at a certain place at one time.


  • High-speed Internet anywhere in the world. You don’t need an additional data package or ethernet cable hassle. You can have TV, Phone, and Internet access with just one plan with no third party involved in it.
  • Lower latency if you are into gaming or streaming kinds of stuff. You don’t have to worry about your professional matches or streaming after this.
  • Reliability and consistency are some of the few advantages of it. As no third party is involved here, there is no extra hassle in it.


  • The price of the plan would be higher than most of the available technology due to the fact that the tech is new and has a niche number of customers.
  • You will need to order some related accessories to make it work from your desired company which is obviously a huge amount.

4. Public Wi-Fi/Popular Wi-Fi Zones: Public Wi-Fi or popular Wi-Fi zones, thanks to the internet revolution that has started the 21st century, is one of the ambitious projects. If you are from a 1st world country, you will find lots of public Wi-Fi zones, especially if you like in a metropolitan area.


  • It’s free of cost and a live saver if you urgently need internet from anywhere
  • You don’t have to worry about your data plan whenever you go out


  • Speed and latency might be higher depending on where your location. Hence, Gaming or streaming might not be a good idea. You need to have a backup plan.
  • Unreliable and Inconsistent in service. If you have some important meeting to join, you should have a backup plan.
  • Security is a big concern in Public Wi-Fi. Your important data might be at risk when you are using it. Therefore, It is always important to use a premium VPN in such situations.


Get Internet without Ethernet Cable

We live in a time of constant change. In a few years, we might well see totally different concepts and types of tech in the market.

As we live in 2022, one thing for sure is that all of these techs will be able to handle your daily life lite usages with no issues at all.

Therefore, in a word, you don’t have to think about ethernet cable connection in the coming future due to the advancement of technology. And I am pretty sure whenever such query (How to Get Internet Without Ethernet Cable) arise you will be able to fix it efficiently in the recent future.

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