How To Install Plastic Wall Anchors Without A Drill

Glad You Asked: How To Install Plastic Wall Anchors Without A Drill?

When you need to hang a framed picture, mirror, shelf, or curtain rod on a wall and there’s no stud in the right spot, installing plastic wall anchors directly into the wall is always the best and most secure. The wall anchors will ensure your hanging objects do not fall off your wall and break into million of pieces.

You can use the plastic wall anchors in drywall, concrete, brick, metal, or wood walls for hanging lightweight pictures and small decorative objects. In that case, you need to drill your wall to install the anchors.

Unfortunately, not all the walls support drilling. Besides, if your landlord does not allow drilling the walls, what are you supposed to do? If you are wondering how to install plastic wall anchors without a drill, we have got some information for you.

Keep reading to have a detailed look at the simple steps to install wall anchors without a drill.

Mark the hanging point

First of all, you have to mark where you will hang your object on the wall. If your décor item or photo frame includes a hanger in the back, consider the amount of slack while deciding the target to hang your item.

If the hanging item has multiple hooks behind, take them into account to mark on the wall. You can use a pencil or marker pen to do that.

Tap A Hole On The Wall

Now, take a self-threaded nail or screw to tap a pilot hole on the wall with a hammer. This hole will hold the anchor tip when you begin to pin it through the wall. Do not make the hole bigger than the anchor. Otherwise, the anchor will not fit and fall off loose.

Besides, if you use a self-threaded anchor, you do not need to tap a hole with a screw. You can place the anchor tip on the targeted place and screw it in with a driver.

Place The Anchor

After successfully making a hole in the drywall, place the anchor on the spot and gently tap it until it is firmly inside. For doing it, you need to hold the anchor perpendicularly carefully so that it is installed straight. Also, you need to apply much pressure to place the anchor properly. Otherwise, the anchor will fall off.

Last Step

Now that you have placed the anchor inside the hole line up a screw or nail using a screwdriver. You need to fit the screw firmly inside the anchor by rotating it clockwise with the driver. Keep doing it until the screw is flush with the anchor. However, when you need to make a drill on a metal surface without using the drill then you need to follow this guide. 

Final Words

The plastic wall anchors come in a wide range of styles and sizes for all types of walls. All of them accomplish a common task by gripping or biting into the wall. If you install wall anchors correctly without a drill, they will not rip out the wall. Additionally, you need to focus on how much weight your anchor can hold up too.

If you follow the above steps, your wall anchors will stay put and work as you want.

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