How to Keep Your Outdoor Area Rugs Looking Great

How to Keep Your Outdoor Area Rugs Looking Great? Easy Guide for 2024

I bet you love spending time with your family and friends in the outdoor space. I love that too! And we all have that comfy outdoor rag that makes our time better.

But without thinking of comfort, you would be too much worried about maintaining the rugs.

To take your stress away, I have arranged some information about how to keep your outdoor area rugs looking great.

You choose an outdoor rug that would fit in the space. But the rug that is used inside of your house is not appropriate to use as an outdoor rug. The indoor-outdoor rugs are used both indoors and outdoors.

Whatever rug you use, if it does not look good, the whole area will look dull.

To get rid of this, stick to this article and know about the essentials to make everything great!

The Secrets of keeping your outdoor area always stunning

You want to make your home beautiful, and you use lots of things for it. But every specific thing has its way of maintenance, and so does the outdoor rug!

Outdoor rugs are specifically constructed to be used outdoor that can resist environmental hazards. This particular resistance quality makes outdoor rugs different from indoor rugs.

That’s why we often think that the outdoor rugs do not need any maintenance since it has the quality to resist fading, rain, sun, etc. Synthetic rugs are highly durable and non-porous.

Still, after some time, you have to give them attention to keep a good look. So to make the outdoor rug look like new always, a little maintenance won’t hurt, right?

Let me tell you there are some secrets with which your outdoor rug will always be the new one. Let’s know what the secrets are!

1. If the rug is not being some time, store it!

There are times when your outdoor rug is not in use. In the wintertime, if there is heavy snow, then normally, the outdoor rug won’t be used. That’s why you should store the rug inside your cupboard so that it can be clean and in good shape.

You can just roll it up to save space in your cupboard and put that into a big plastic bag and store it in the corner of your house if you face trouble in storing it.

But in this manner, the rug would be safe, clean as well as maintained properly, and for next use, you would get it fresh.

2. You have to clean it monthly basis

Cleaning is always necessary. But there are different types of situations for which you have to use different types of cleaning methods.

But remember, the dirt or stain, whatever it is, if you leave it there, it’s going to be so bad for the rug, and ultimately later, it will be a great hassle to remove those from your rug completely. So do your job in time!

I will discuss 3 types of cleaning processes with you so that you can know which situation needs what attention:

For stains: It is a usual thing in our home. If any stain occurs on your rug, don’t worry. Firstly take a cloth to take out the excess of the spill. But you should not rub it and put pressure to scrub it.

If the stain is big, then you can use the garden hose to rinse it thoroughly.

Here is a short tip for you. To dry out the rug completely, you have to put the rug in a place where it can get enough sunlight. It will dry out easily, and it helps to remove any kind of bacteria as well.

For dirt: Your outdoor rug faces lots of dirt, and you have to remove that regularly. To remove the dirt, you can use a solution that is easy and useful.

To make the solution, you have to take a bowl. Then you have to put water and dish soap into it. Next, you will take a nylon brush to scrub the rug on both sides properly.

Then all you need is to rinse the rug with a hose.

Vacuuming: You want to maintain the good look of your rug, right? Then vacuuming is something that does an incredible job of removing all the dirt and the mold grown inside the fibers, which are gross!

3. You have to dry the rug in sunlight

The best thing to do with the rug is to dry this in the sunlight. The indoor or outdoor rugs are made of synthetic, and this material gives the rug the quality to stand out in rains and other stuff. The rugs have the absorbing power of water.

Though the outdoor rugs have the quality to stay safe when it is wet and mold-free, it is still necessary to get extra cautious. So to get the rug mold-free, you should put the rug on the railing to become dry.

4. You should remove the moss on a regular basis

You may be surprised to see this. Yes, what you are thinking is also right that the synthetic rugs do not grow moss or mold. It is partially true!

Let me clear this out for you. The outdoor rugs can grow moss if you leave the rug in the dump weather unclean. The quick and easy solution would be using bleach to remove the moss.

But yes, that is not the eco-friendly approach. So instead of using bleach, you can use a solution of vinegar and water, and then with a cloth, you have to scrub the rug. Then just thoroughly rinse the rug and let the rug to be dry out.

That’s it. Now you have all the ways how to keep your outdoor rugs net and clean in your bucket. Now your outdoor rug will shine like new!

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FAQ- Frequently asked questions

Keep Your Outdoor Area Rugs Looking Great

  1. Is it okay to leave outdoor rugs outside?

Answer: Outdoor rugs are designed for outdoor use. But not every outdoor carpet is always waterproof. However, the rugs have the quality to resist water.

Okay, if I simply put this, the indoor rugs do not have absorbing power, but the outdoor rugs have. They dry much faster when wet.

So it would be okay to leave the outdoor carpets may be kept outside even when it rains.

  1. Do outdoor rugs get ruined by rain?

Answer: Not at all. Because outdoor rugs are made for outside use, it is given some special qualities so that they can resist the sun, rain, or every situation.

  1. Why is my outdoor rug turning green?

Answer: The outdoor rug has turned green? The main reason is the algae formation. The rugs cannot produce any moss. This is a false assumption.

The weather can cause algae formation, which spreads very fast than others. But this can be removed with proper care.

  1. Can you hose off outdoor rugs?

Answer: Yes, you can. Any indoor-outdoor rug can be rinsed with a hose, and it is a good cleaning method, yet it’s easy! If you use dish soap with water and then after applying, you can rinse off the rug clearly with a hose.

  1. Can I put an outdoor rug on concrete?

Answer: Yes, you can put your outdoor rug on concrete. It won’t be damaged at all. But you have to follow some precautions here. You should seal the concrete first. Then you take the rug and fix the rug with tape.

Flooring tape would be appropriate. Since the rugs are water-resistant and are made of synthetic, they will be good on concrete as well.

Final words

to Keep Your Outdoor Area Rugs Looking Great

We all love things when it is new. But to keep those always like new is our duty and it’s not hard actually!

As the other things of your house need your attention, so do the outdoor rugs, which you probably sometimes ignore. If even you don’t know how to keep your outdoor rugs stunning, I have that in this article as well.

To keep the rugs looking great, the secret is to clean all the dirt, stain, or spill immediately if possible.