How To Make A Hole In Metal Without A Drill

How To Make A Hole In Metal Without A Drill? Definitive Guide

Tools are essential accessories to do all types of hardware work for every professional or non-professional. But unfortunately, tools may get lost or damaged during work. If you are doing something urgent, you need to find an alternative instantly.

The most common tool of hardware work is a drilling machine. It is basically used for making holes on hard surfaces such as metal, wood, concrete, etc. Also, it helps to screw bolts easily instead of a manual screwdriver. But what if the machine suddenly stops working while making a hole in a metal surface?

If you want to avoid such unfortunate losses, we have solutions for you. In this article, we have covered all the practical methods on how to make a hole in metal without a drill.

Method One – Punch Pliers

The easiest method to hole in a metal piece is using punch pliers. It has a pin at the end of the jaw that makes a hole when you apply force on it.

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First of all, mark the area where you are going to punch a hole. In this way, you will get an accurate hole in the exact place you want. Then, punch a hole in the marked spot on the upper side of the metal piece or sheet. It may create uneven edges around the hole. However, you can smooth out the edge using a round needle.

Method Two – Hacksaw

Are you thinking about how to drill large holes in metal? This method is a bit tricky but effective for creating a large hole. First of all, you need to make a paper stencil at the exact size of the hole. Then, lay the stencil on the metal sheet and secure its place by using tape. Now, place them on a block and tap a dent using a hammer and center punch to leave a mark on the metal.

After creating the dent, take the saw blade from the hacksaw frame and drive it through the dent in the metal sheet. Now reattach the saw blade to the frame and run it in a downward motion. Make sure to start slowly in the right direction. After completing, detach the blade from the frame and see your hole is ready.

Method Three – Hammer And Nail

This method is effective for creating small holes on thin metal surfaces. At first, you need to mark the metal sheet for indication. Using a hammer, tap the nail against the mark on the metal sheet to create a hole. Then pull out the nail stuck in the sheet using pliers.

Some tips to remember

If you want a precise hole, make sure to mark the targeted spot with a marker. It will also help you to measure the gap between each hole.

If you want to ensure accuracy, use a center punch and hammer and place the sheet on a block. Then create a small dent by tapping the punch with the hammer. This dent will guide you in showing the position of the hole.

Always keep a round needle nearby to file the hole’s inner edges to smooth it. You can do it by following a forward-twisting motion.

Start making a hole on the upper side of the sheet to ensure a smooth edge on the side that will face outwards. However, if you think that drilling is the only way to go for metal then you can use a hand drill instead. 

Final Words

With the invention of new technology, we have almost forgotten manual methods, even if we want to accomplish seemingly basic tasks. You may not always be in the position of using automated tools. Therefore, you need to learn the manual methods.

We have mentioned all the possible methods that you can try to make a hole without a drill. So, you will no longer have to worry about making a hole in any metal object if you don’t have a drill machine.