How to Make a Lightsaber out of Cardboard

How to Make a Lightsaber out of Cardboard? Essential Tips!

Who doesn’t watch the Star War Films and don’t fascinated by the deadly weapon of the Jedi’s lightsaber? Though Jedi used a lightsaber to destroy enemies, obviously, it has some real uses in our life.

Have you ever wished to have a lightsaber? I think you have because where not people are using it? From cutting heavy metal to the slightest thing, the lightsaber has its original use. Interestingly, a lightsaber would be a fantastic hedge trimmer.

How to make a lightsaber out of cardboard is the most asked query online these days. Basically, a lightsaber is a kind of blade that is in the form of a laser or powerful beam of light. This can be made with many things, out of cardboard is the best for it.

Either this, anyone, can have a ready-made lightsaber or their customized one. While choosing the ready-made one, then consider picking the best lightsaber. However, if you want to choose a customized lightsaber, then it must be out of cardboard, right?

Therefore, if you choose to make the lightsaber out of cardboard, then keep reading the article to know about how to make a lightsaber out of cardboard. Let’s dive into it.

What is a lightsaber?

What is a lightsaber

A lightsaber is a kind of laser sword which used as a weapon usually used by the Jedi, the sith, and the Force-sensitive. It consists of a plasma blade. This blade has been used as a tool to join together metal.

A lightsaber’s energy blade can cut, burn and melt through most things with little resistance. It is also used for both defense and offense.

The lightsaber has become one of the most known elements of the Star Wars franchise. Now, what about cardboard? It is a heavy-duty paper-based product having great thickness and superiority. It has durability, rigidity, and impact resistance quality.

Parts of a lightsaber

  • Hilt or body
  • Blade
  • Emitter
  • Claws
  • Pommel
  • Coupler
  • Electronics

Tools needed

  • A bunch of cardboard
  • Acrylic paint or dye
  • A flashlight
  • Glue
  • Scotch tape
  • Popsicle strips
  • Cutting tools or Scissor

Procedures of How to Make a Lightsaber out of Cardboard

Procedures of How to Make a Lightsaber out of Cardboard

People always prefer the strongest thing. As a result, we have chosen the strongest way to make a lightsaber out of cardboard. So, let’s get to follow the step by step of making a lightsaber out of cardboard.

Step 1: Making the plans

The first step is to come up with its design by drawing up a plan. Draw up the lengths & colors of all different parts. That can easy to make it after making plans.

The average lightsaber hilt is around 11-12inches long. But these are all personalized, so make it however you want.

Step 2: A basic Structure making

The basic structure starts with a cardboard tube. Then cut down the tube straight down the middle. Now roll the tube into the thinnest spot’s width on the lightsaber. The basic structure is now ready to cover the whole thing in tape to hide any seams.

Before going to another step, it always works best to build tilt from top to bottom or vice versa. It’s not possible to jump around doing different parts.

Step 3: Round Parts

This is an optional step to make a lightsaber. Because not all lightsaber has round parts, but if you want round parts in yours, then you can see how it is made. For the rounded part, you have to make a bunch of cardboard circles & glue them together. Then glue them onto a tube, though.

Step 4: Angled Parts

If your lightsaber has any angled parts, this is the best way to do it. But it is also an optional step. Cut out some pieces of cardboard for the thickest and thinnest angle & connect the two. Use something like a cereal box & gluing them on, spanning them from thinnest to the thickest part. Then covering it all in a smooth layer of hot glue to make it look better.

Step 5: Building out

In this step, first, you have to make cuts through the cardboard to bend. Then trim that & glue it on the lightsaber; more width put as many layers on top. Cut a cardboard tube & glue it around it to make it smooth. This step also needs thinner-looking rings. You can use this technique to make many thinner-looking rings that go for a cool design.

Step 6: Adding an on/off Switch

Every lightsaber must need an on/off switch. This part is made with fat-width popsicle sticks. Cut one size for the top & four sizes for the sides. Put it all together, need hot glue & glue the edges together. You can then glue it on the lightsaber.

Step 7: Painting

Cover the whole thing with acrylic paint, which works as a primer. At least do two layers of paint in every part.

For painting, use painter’s tape. Use painter’s tape because the little things can make it so much better.

If you make a lightsaber out of another thing, then all the steps would be different surely.

After following these all steps & do whatever all application says. Then you can get your lightsaber. All steps are important as well but can be customized with your own ideas.


Congratulation! After knowing all these steps, anyone can make a lightsaber. Just need to follow the steps & go through with the above instruction. You are going to have a lightsaber out of cardboard of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a lightsaber work in real life?

Though people are using lightsaber as a gaming instrument, most people find lightsaber as a crucial tool for their personal and professional works. From cutting heavy metal objects to soft materials, a lightsaber would be an effective tool. For example, some people use a lightsaber as an alternative to a hedge trimmer.

2. What can a lightsaber not cut?

The lightsaber can’t cut through the other lightsaber. Laser shields are also not to cut down by lightsaber. The plasma that comes from a lightsaber blade is one of the strongest things in the world, as well as the scales of a cello beast.

3. Is lightsaber works for the military?

It is a weapon designed to help soldier Slice through locks & chains on the Battlefield. The blade burns at a staggering 4000 degrees Fahrenheit and slices through half-inch steel bars like butter.

Final Words

Make a Lightsaber out of Cardboard

The lightsaber is the symbol of power that nobody else has. It achieves that purpose of projecting authority no other weapon could.

Making a lightsaber out of cardboard would be easy if you pick all the making materials & go through the above steps by steps of how to how to make a lightsaber out of cardboard.

Hopefully, now you have a great relief of making a lightsaber out of cardboard on your own. Let’s make it happen and enjoy the use of your own making cardboard lightsaber.

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