How to Make a Paper Lightsaber

How to Make a Paper Lightsaber? Essential Tips

Nowadays, everyone is a star wars fan. Don’t you? Oh! I forgot to mention Harry Potter and other franchises. Tell me, honestly, I know you are a fan of these franchises. Do you ever think about designing collectibles for yourself?

Also, I can understand how much it will cost you to fulfill this thought. The budget for these types of weapons is much more costly.

I can tell you, your favorite weapon may be lightsabers, stormtroopers costumes, figures posters, autographed merchandise, and jewelry; the list can be so long.

But here is good news: I will teach you how to make a paper lightsaber throughout this article. Stay with me.

Key Components – A4 -size paper, stick glue, scotch tape, color paper, Cellophane paper, and tissue roll.

Steps: How to Make a Paper Lightsaber

Make a Paper Lightsaber



First of all, you need to find out a flashlight, but one thing you should keep in mind is that your flashlight will be in the perfect shape of lightsabers.


The most important thing is your must-have collection of A4 paper. Do you have it right now?

Then bring them on and start rolling them around the flashlight.

I must tell you to hold that paper tightly that keeps the perfect shape for your lightsaber.

Where is your glue? Paste the glue carefully, okay?

You need to paste a perfect amount of glue over the edges of the paper.

Umm is, the paper now looks like a hollow tube of paper? Tell me if it is.


Moving to the next step, go and bring your other A4 paper and all you need to do is repeat the same process.

I must say this step depends on you and how long you want for your paper tube.

Are you going to attach the paper tube with a glue stick?

Nooooo! Never does that, okay? Let me tell you a secret if you use glue here, you will not be able to handle it for long.

I will recommend you use scotch tape to attach the paper.


What do you do with your paper tube? Now follow my next instruction take your flashlight and attach that to the bottom of the paper tube. Again use scotch tape, understood?


What is your color preference, yellow, blue, or green? Do you have color paper at home? Select one color of paper and cover the flashlight with the paper. That will be your lightsaber handle.


It’s time to squeeze, my friend. Squeeze your handle paper tightly.

Do you ready to see the final result? Go fast, run! Go to a dark room and press the flashlight button. Boom! Your lightsaber is ready.


If you are looking for a creative method, then I will suggest this technique. Let’s have a look.


The first thing you should do is manage Cellophane Paper

Here you can choose the color of the paper. So, choose a color of paper for your lightsaber.

If you want my help in this matter, then I would prefer you to choose red, blue or green. This color looks so cool. Don’t you think so?


Now it’s time to cut your paper. Don’t cut it at any angle as you won’t cut your paper in a Rectangular shape.

Umm, also, I will tell you to remember to keep the length of the paper in the medium range.

Do you want to know why? Because otherwise, that paper would not stand on Its own.


Let’s make your lightsaber more attractive bring your scotch tape. Now put the scotch paper all over the cellophane paper. What do you see?

Isn’t it giving a shiny effect?

One more thing, carefully attaches narrow sides to broader sides. What a bright illumination!


Jump to the next part, but here you need an empty toilet roll. I think you can easily find one in your home. Now, cut the roll into two rings.

Oh no find one donut ring and let me know.


Did you find one? Okay, attach your donut ring over to the two rings also, add the same color cellophane paper on it.

Here, is the main part ready? Slowly roll the ring you prepared before along with your shiny cellophane paper. 

Isn’t it looking like a tube?

Hold it tightly. Bring your scotch tape and bind them like a tube.


Your most important item is the flashlight that brings it on. Take your flashlight into the tube and attach a donut ring with it.

At last, attach it with scotch tape.


Time get the best experience with your own made lightsaber.

Go into the darkroom and turn on the flashlight yay! Done and dusted.

Now you know the making a Paper Lightsaber, right? Enjoy your lightsaber now.


1. What is preferable to use stick glue or scotch tape in making a lightsaber?

If you want my advice on this matter, I will say use scotch tape.

The reason is that if you choose stick glue to attach the paper in making a tube or use glue when attaching a flashlight as a holder, then it will not hold it for a long time.

In this matter, the scotch tape plays a strong holder than gluing it and sticking your lightsaber paper more tightly and for a long time. That is why you should use scotch tape.

2. How long will it last?

Let me tell you honestly, and it definitely won’t last forever since your lightsaber is made of paper.

But if you use it gently, it may last for a long time. So, it depends on you how you use it.

Final Words

How to Make a Paper Lightsaber

Now, no more worries about thinking about how you gonna buy a lightsaber.

As It’s so costly sometimes so it hard for many star wars fans to enjoy weapons like a lightsaber.

Isn’t it so cool to make your own lightsaber? Here I suggest two techniques, the easiest and coolest way to make one. What are you waiting for?

Go and make one.

Let me know if you are clear about how to Make a Paper Lightsaber and give your feedback regarding this.

Till then, see ya!

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