How to Make a Silencer Out of PVC Pipe

How to Make a Silencer Out of PVC Pipe? Steps to Follow for 2024

Silencer rifles can be very expensive but a fantastic device. If you are someone who is not brand conscious and curious to try out new things, then why don’t you try making your own silencer?

Well, in this article, I will learn about how to make a silencer out of PVC pipe. But before that, let’s learn a little bit about silencers. They are basically a gadget that is located at the end of a gun to suppress the sound of a shot being discharged.

But do you know a fun fact? Silence doesn’t silence it. So it is seen to be used on paintball weapons. That’s how the paintball game became so difficult and competitive.

Among many other ways, one of the most popular ways is making a silencer out of a PVC pipe. Let’s have a look.

List of materials you need

  • 1.5″ PVC pipe
  • Five old CDs
  • Epoxy
  • Froth
  • Athletic Tape
  • Scissors
  • Splash Paint

Know-How To Make a Silencer Out of PVC Pipe

Know-How To Make a Silencer Out of PVC Pipe

Step 1: Precisely cutting the PVC

First, determine the length you need for your silencer. Now, precisely cut the PVC to the size of your requirement. You can either fit the barrel to stock or at the end of the barrel. But whichever you decide, make sure that 3″-5″ are reaching out past the muzzle through a minimum of 2″ needs to be there over the barrel.

Step 2: Processing Baffles

Do you know why I listed 5 CDs? Well, they were listed for making the baffles. Locate the opening point and put it on the end of your PVC pipe. Take a pen and markdown points of CDs that are coordinating with the PVC pipe. Your purpose is to make a ring that fits inside the PVC. Now cut according to your marks by using scissors. Just to be on the safe side, you can cut the CDs extensively. While removing the materials, be careful not to supplant them. If the test fits well, then finish the step by using sandpapers. They forget the precise shape done.

Step: Sound Damper

I am going to cut the foams in this step. Sounds fun? It’s really fun, so let’s get to know the sizes!

Keep the large portion an inch wide and long enough. Thus, you can comfortably wrap them within the PVC pipes. Remember that would be needed not more than once, though.

However, avoid using thick materials because that may cause you trouble later. Apart from that, with five sound dampers, you are good to go.

Step 4: Positioning

In this step, we need 3″-5″ in front of the muzzle. Spacing is one of the most important steps to putting your baffles and froth. So, to position them correctly, divide the length based on the number of baffles you are using. Pick the pen again and mark the distance between each baffle. Just make sure everything is positioned in such a way that you have sufficient space overall.

Step 5: Assembling Particles

You can already guess that this step is all about organizing. First, pick a single baffle. Now paste it into the PVC pipe. Push until it reaches the last mark you marked. Now it’s time to utilize your foams. Pick one and press it against the baffle.

Don’t forget to utilize some super paste. They are for holding them in place. Now keep repeating the process until you finish the baffles and froth. 

Step 6: Giving your silencer the ultimate real shape

In this second last step, I am going to do some development on your silencer. Just like you did for the baffles, cut one CD again. I hope it matches the external side of your PVC. Do not hesitate to use epoxy for this step. We all know that it fills gaps better than super glue, right? So get your hands on it as much as you want. Not literally hands, though!

Now paint your silencer, add some color and make it yours.

Step 7: Mounting the silencer

We’ve reached the final step. With great care, wrap your barrel close to the muzzle. Bear in mind to use the electrical or athletic tape.

Did you plan to make a full-length silencer? Then wrap some tape close to the stock as well.

As we move next, cautiously slide the silencer into the barrel and make changes if necessary.

Voila! Now you own not only a rifle but also a self-made silencer.

Use of silencers

I have listed a few important uses of silencer

1. When you are hunting, silence is required since it’s a game. It not only enhances convenience but also limits your target to getting wounds from the sudden shock.

2. For the security of your home

3. Safety of your hearing and health overall

4. To improve self-protection and exactness of shot

A few facts you should consider

A few facts you should consider

Before owning a silencer, you should consider the following three facts

1. Having a suitable sound is important. The sound varies from silencers to silencers. The suggestion would be to try experimenting with what sounds work for you, especially when you are making your own.

2. General length is always a good and safe choice. But it is also a widely popular fact among shooters that silencers with longer lengths are usually calmer.

3. During the fast fire, gas blowback is a key significant factor. It can be increased or decreased with a customizable gas block.

So don’t forget to keep these three important facts in mind.

Final Words

to Make a Silencer Out of PVC Pipe

I hope this article helps you to get the idea of how to make a silencer out of PVC pipe. Please bear in mind that individual silencers have their own advantages and disadvantages.

And the truth is, no plan or no brand is best for you. But if you try making your own, it will help you to discover what’s the best fit for your precious rifle. Just one last thing you should know is that silencers may or may not work well in the cold.

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