How to Paint Countertops Without a Kit

How to Paint Countertops Without a Kit: Easy Tips for Beginners in 2024

Ever imagine if it would be a good idea to paint your own countertops? Well, yes. In all honesty, everyone has thought of that at one point or the other. But if you are not used to paint, it may seem a little challenging at first.

To be fair, you will not require a big kit meant for professionals—just the right type of paint and the right brushes paired with the correct method.

In this article, you will learn about the appropriate way how to paint countertops without a kit, as well as the resources you will require.

But before we begin explaining the process, we must introduce you to the different types of countertop materials.

Types of Countertop Materials

Types of Countertop Materials

1. Granite/Marble

Oftentimes, you will come across countertops that are made out of granite or marble. These are countertops made with large slabs of marble or granite and can be a little expensive. Granite is strong, but they stain easily. Marble is comparatively less likely to stain but is also very similar to granite in that it is prone to etching (scratches, scraping, etc.).

Can you paint granite or marble?

Generally, yes, but you would require many resources, for which our suggestion would be to start with a material easier to paint and then move on to granite or marble.

2. Tile

Although some countertops are made with large blocks of marble, some are covered with marble tiles. This is a more affordable alternative and easier to clean. And in addition to the cost-friendly and work-friendly property, it is also easier to paint tiles compared to granite/marble.

3. Lamination

Perhaps the most common material used is Laminate. This is considered one of the best alternatives to expensive stone countertops and is easy to paint as well.

In order to ensure good results, you must have the right resources.

Best Resources of How to Paint Countertops Without a Kit

Best Resources of How to Paint Countertops Without a Kit

In order to paint a countertop properly, you will need the right kind of paint as well as the right brushes.

  • Paint- The paint is obviously the most important resource out of all of this. Usually, for countertops made out of graphite or marble, you would require a 2-part Epoxy paint. However, to paint countertops made out of Laminate, acrylic paint is your best option as most leave a sharp finishing and are usually low on odor as well!
  • Brushes- The right brushes will determine the precision of painting and also the final product. You will require roller brushes, a regular and a foam roller, approximately 9-inch each.
  • Top Coat/Primer- In order to seal the paint, you must prime it at the end. This will ensure little to no chipping, so you do not have to re-paint within a couple of months.

All resources should be available in your local hardware store. However, if you wish to order online, Amazon can also be used.

This leads to the most important portion of this article- the painting method.

How to Paint Countertops Without a Kit

Paint Countertops Without a Kit

Along with the basic resources, you will require the following

  • Working Gloves
  • Countertop Cleaner
  • Spirit (To clean afterward)
  • Plastic Sheets/Covers
  • Face mask (An option for those who cannot stand the strong odor)

Once you have all the resources, you may proceed with the painting.

Step 1- Before beginning the process, ensure your area is safe. Cover everything you do not wish to paint with a plastic sheet or cover. This is important as the paint may cover all the undesirables and lead to a long process of removal.

Step 2- Make sure to clean the countertop before painting and let it dry properly.

Step 3 (Optional)- If you wish to smoothen it out even further, feel free to sand the surface using a 200-220 fine-grit sanding paper. However, most laminate countertops are smooth already so that you may skip this part. To ensure the countertop is clean and dry of the debris before painting, you choose to sand it.

Step 4- Before you paint on it, make sure it is fully dry. Then, carefully paint 2 coats of primer. Apply your first layer using a regular roller brush and let it dry following the instructions on the container. Once the first layer has dried, paint on another layer. Let it dry fully.

Step 5- Now, you may begin to paint your color of choice. If this is your first time painting a countertop, the suggestion would be to use one color first to get used to it and then proceed with any details you want. Generally, you must paint one layer after the primer has fully dried using a foam roller. Once the first layer of paint has dried, paint another layer. Let it dry fully.

Step 6 (Optional)- Once the countertop has dried, you may cover it with countertop resin to give it a shiny exterior. However, this will not be necessary if you are aiming for a matte finish.

Additional Information

Paint Countertop Without a Kit

If you wish to paint your kitchen, make sure the kitchen is well ventilated. Open the windows and allow breathability to ensure you do not inhale any toxic odor from the paint or resin (if you choose to use resin).

Once you complete painting the countertops, make sure you let them dry properly. After completing the painting, make sure to clean the surface daily with a soft rag or sponges and mild soap. Avoid rough materials and strong products, especially products with bleaching properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Painting Countertops Without a Kit

1. How long should we wait for it to dry?

Ans: It depends on the type of paint you are using. But generally, you should wait at least a few days before using the countertops.

2. Are roller brushes a necessity?

Ans: Roller brushes ensure a smooth layer as opposed to regular flat brushes. You may use a smaller paintbrush to fix details afterward, though.


Final Words

Painting Countertop Without a Kit

To sum up, the process of “how to paint countertops without a kit” may seem scary at first, but once you make familiarize yourself with the whole process, you will realize that it may take some time but it is relatively simple and straightforward.

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