How to Remove Bottom Bracket Without Tool

How to Remove Bottom Bracket Without Tool in 2023?

If you have ever needed to change your bottom bracket, you know the tools you would need. Many tools are often required to open up the bearings; in certain cases, you may even need to purchase specialized tools.

That may very well be the reason as to why you want to learn how to remove bottom bracket without tools.

Now, if you are wondering whether or not that is possible, the answer is yes! A lot of things can be opened up without the required tools. So, do not worry! This article will walk you through the exact process.

Before we do that, we must know what a bottom bracket is as well as its primary functions.

What is a Bottom Bracket?

What is a Bottom Bracket

Many people who know bicycles know this one. But for those who do not, a bottom bracket is a meeting point between the pedals and the whole bicycle frame. It essentially determines the mobility of your bicycle. The right type of bottom bracket bearing ensures smooth pedaling without it causing too much noise and cosmetic damage.

For many bikes, a bottom bracket may be threaded or may have been pressed. Whatever the exact state may be, removal is not as complex as you may think it is.

Let us walk you through how to remove a bottom bracket without tools now that you understand exactly what it is.

Know How to Remove Bottom Bracket Without Tools

Know How to Remove Bottom Bracket Without Tools

In order to remove a bottom bracket, you will need the following

  • Steel pipe with an OD (Outside Diameter) of 22mm
  • Washer Bolts some with an OD of 37mm and some with an OD of 20-22mm
  • Hacksaw
  • Aluminum Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Superglue
  • Steel Ruler
  • Gloves
  • Eye Protection

Now that you have everything you will need, we will first walk you through the process of making your own tool as well as how to use them.

The Tools

The Tools

To make the tools follow the steps below

Step 1- To make the punching tool (essentially what you will use to beat the bearing out of its bracket), you will start with the steel pipe. A good way to determine the length is to measure the length of your bracket or bracket frame, add that with the width of your fist plus 5cm. Now mark that with a steel ruler for precision

Step 2- Now, take your hacksaw and start sawing. You should be wearing gloves and eye protection while doing this.

Step 3- Now, you will have to cut 4 metal strips in order to increase the width of the puncher. You would want the rod to slide in and lock in place right behind the bearing to beat it out. In order to figure out the exact length, you need to cut measure the circumference of the steel pipe. Once you have done that, divide it into 4, and now you have your length. Now cut along those lengths in order to get 4 separate sections

Step 4- Now, using the pliers, bend 4 sections. Do not bend them more than 2cm maximum

Step 5- Now superglue the washer bolt to the clear end of the rod.

If you have followed the step properly, you should have a tool long enough to slip into the bottom bracket properly and make a clicking noise once it has been set in place.

Now that you have your tools let us explain how to use them

Removing The Bottom Bracket

Removing The Bottom Bracket

Step 1- Slip the metal rod through the bottom bracket until it reaches the other end. You will know it is in place once you hear a click.

Step 2- Once the rod is in, take a hammer and start beating on the washer bolt end of the rod. Keep doing this until the bearing falls out.

Step 3- Repeat on the other side

Additional Information

Additional Information

The process explained above is the standard procedure. The products mentioned can be found very close to you, so you do not need to go looking for them. However, another method of doing so is with power tools.

1. Instead of a hacksaw, you may also use a power saw. A power saw essentially assures you get long clean cuts quickly and efficiently. However, before using them, make sure you are wearing protective clothing and eyewear. An additional product you will need is a pair of ear protection specialized for hardware procedures

2. In order to measure the circumference of the rod, you may also use tape. The steps are written below

Step 1- Wrap the tape around the rod. Place the open end of the tape on the top and wrap it around until it meets. That is the circumference

Step 2- Now place the tape down on the table and measure it, then divide it into 4. That is the length. Mark it with a pen and then cut the tape in half so you can cover the top of the rob and also the point where you intend on stopping
This will give you precise measurements.

1. Instead of supergluing a washer bolt, you may also weld the head of a mushroom head bolt. Just cut the head off with a power saw or hacksaw and weld it on the end of the metal rod.

2. You may also use a rubber or plastic hammer if that is more available to you



As this procedure highly works heavy and requires the usage of many sharp and heavy tools, please follow the instructions below

  • USE protective wear at ALL TIMES. Do not proceed without protective gloves, eyewear, and earwear.
  • Ensure no flammable objects are near you. This is especially necessary if you plan on using power tools such as the power saw of the welding tool.
  • If this is your first-time using power tools, have someone experienced nearby just in case
  • Ensure proper thumb placement before hammering

In short, the process may seem a little complex, but this entire process will solve your query of how to remove bottom bracket without tools.

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