How to Remove Throttle Cable from Carburetor

How to Remove Throttle Cable from Carburetor? [Answered]

If you are not pleased with the present performance of the carburetor and you are facing problems pressing the pedal, there must be something wrong with the throttle cable of your vehicle. You can remove and replace the cable by yourself.

It is not a too complex task to do but also not an easy one to get through. If you don’t know how to remove throttle cable from carburetor, it is high time you learned it. Then try to be attentive when I describe the process.

What is a throttle cable?

What is a throttle cable

A throttle cable connects the gas pedal of your car to the engine throttle plate. It is a metal wire, kind of braided, and keeps putting pressure on the pedal. When the pedal is pushed, this particular cable makes the throttle open and allows the air to get inside the engine. By doing that a driver can control the speed of the vehicle.

Your car or any other vehicle has an electronically controlled throttle system but the traditional throttle cables are unique. They are known as accelerator cables.

What is a carburetor?

What is a carburetor

The carburetor works on mixing air and fuel to simplify the internal combustion inside the engine. It helps to create a spark-ignition engine.

As I mentioned, the throttle cable controls the flow of liquid fuels. But it doesn’t do it directly. Rather it actuates the carburetor mechanisms that measure the flow of air which comes to the engine. Changing a throttle cable is easy and comparatively inexpensive.

When you will remove the throttle engine from the carburetor?

When you will remove the throttle engine from the carburetor

Normally your car’s throttle cable is about to last for a lifetime but there can happen many circumstances where you may have to remove the cable. It can be stretched by the heat or anything. Snapped cables are also not comfortable for the carburetor. You can see the problem when you will press the pedal and the throttle will not rotate at all. Also-

1. If the pedal feels stiff or hard to depress or it becomes so loose that It can not drive the throttle body.

2. If the pedals get stuck and you can’t free them easily.

3. If the throttle gets cranky and movement becomes slack.

4. If you press down the pedal and it works a little late.

Things you will need:

A repair manual, Hand gloves, Safety glasses, necessary equipment for the practical framework.

How to remove throttle cable from carburetor:

to remove throttle cable from carburetor

Step 1

Identify the place where you can find the throttle cable. It is right in the engine compartment. Its one end is generally attached to the throttle body part and the other end is connected with the accelerator pedal which is onto the floor of the driver’s seat.

Step 2

Turn off the fuel valve on the fuel tank. Find the fuel line inside the carburetor. You have to remove the hose from there. If you notice any leak or cranky, you have to remove that too.

Step 3

Loosen the clamps screw of the carburetor. Now the throttle cable is visible. Pull back the rubber on the cable.  Release the locknut which is set to the L-shaped tube. You have to notice which locknuts are the closest to the carburetor. The cable is attached to a gold or brass color plated plug.

Step 4

After you have unscrewed the locknuts, it’s time to unscrew the 3 Phillips head screws on the throttle body.

Step 5

Distinguish the cable from the plastic armor called throttle body. What you have to do is push the throttle bracket forward then slide the cable to your hand through the hole. You can also pry off a retaining clip with it. Using a screwdriver is also a good way to get the cable from the body.

There is another way to disconnect the cable from the bracket. You can either press the tabs or shacking it. Here you can use the screwdriver too. Use your hands to turn the plug with the nose pillar, and so that the cable comes out. After the plug comes out you can see the small hole and a channel. Keep turning the cable until another end of it comes out of the plug.

Step 6

Now the last step is to slowly pull out the cable from the throttle body or the tubular L-shaped fitting. The damaged cable is in your hand.

If you are done with the removing measures, replace the damaged throttle cable with a new one. Reconnect the cable to the bracket by doing all the steps reverse. It is easier than disconnecting.

If you are removing the cable from a bike, what you have to do is:

If you are removing the cable from a bike, what you have to do is

1. Pull the seat and the gas tank

2. Remove the carburetor slide. For that, you have to loosen the screw of the clamps that hold the carburetor.

3. Pull up the cover-up and take out the carburetor slide.

4. Pull up the spring, grip the cable as high as you can.

5. Push the slide up and slightly right, then take the cable out.

Things you need to remember:

Things you need to remember

1. Use both of your hands with other tools. While you are lifting the cable with one hand, use your other hand for turning the plugs.

2. When the plug comes out, do not lose it. You will need it again when you will set the carburetor again.

3. Do not lose the tiny head screws. They are unique and you can’t replace them with any other screw.

4. If the air filter or fuel maintenance is poor, passages of the carb can also get clogged with the jet and orifices. So it’s not always the problem of the throttle cable specifically.

5. Don’t forget to wear gloves and safety glasses to avoid any harm and dirt.

Final Words

remove throttle cable from carburetor

You definitely do not want your car’s performance to lose while driving. So you have to have an idea of what you can do to solve it. As you got to know how to remove throttle cable from carburetor, it’s time to perform the practical task. Get the equipment and go for it. If you follow the instructions I’ve given above, I hope you can get the help you wanted.

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