How To Restring A Zero Gravity Chair

How To Restring A Zero Gravity Chair? Find Perfect Alternative Now!

A zero gravity recliner is a kind of armchair that gives you the feel of floating in the air. A convenient zero gravity recliner will assure you to lay around, stretch your body so that you can relax. So while buying a reclining chair, we always think if the product is reliable and durable.

No matter how many bucks you pay for buying a zero gravity recliner, you always need to think about its expiration. But, uncertainties happen sometimes, right? In that case, you need to know how to restring a zero gravity chair.

zero gravity chair repair

The task of restringing or repairing a reclining chair is an easy task. All you need is to know how to do it in the right way. Though it is easy to get the recliner repair kit in any nearby shop, knowing how to utilize them is a bit difficult.

In today’s article, we will cover primary knowledge about how to fix a reclining chair so that you can repair it easily at home.

How To Restring A Zero Gravity Chair?

We tend to keep our favorite thing unharmed for a long time. However, after using a reclining chair for years, the cord quality may not remain the same. In that case, you need to repair or change the cord to make it useful once again.

In this segment, we will talk about the restring mechanism of a zero-gravity chair.

restring zero gravity chair

Step One

The first thing you need is to arrange the chair repair kit. Before proceeding to repairing or replacing the strings, make sure if you have the following things.

a) Scissors
b) Reclining chair strings
c) Cable ties

If you have managed these things, you can jump to the next step.

Step Two

The next thing you need to do is to join each hole with the metal part of the chair by using cable ties. Then, cut the old strings at the bottom and top of the chair. You need to do it carefully with patience so that you do not cut off the fabric. Then carefully open up that old lacing.

Step Three

After removing the old string, it is time to stitch the new cord. Create a double layer with your new cord inside the chair and make a node. The node will hold the cord through the hole. The step may seem a bit complicated, but it is not when you do.

Step Four

After making setting up the new string with the first hole with a node, keep doing it to cover the entire gravity chair with it. Here, you need to stay focused to secure the whole string tightly with the fabric.

Step Five

This is the final step to restring a zero-gravity chair. After adjusting the new cord with the entire chair, cut off the cable ties to finish the replacement procedure.

Sometimes, the easiest task seems hard to do unless we really do it. The procedure of restringing a recliner chair is the fairest example of this fact. Know more about the zero gravity chair locking mechanism. 

Some Additional Repairing

Fixing the strings is not the only thing to do if your recliner looks too loose or difficult to set. It is the common problem with a recliner if it is old or used too much. If you face the same problem with your recliner, you need to tighten the screws a little bit.


The initial structure of a reclining chair depends on the strut rods, and if this part is not strong enough, you need to replace it with a rose joint. After replacing this new rod with the old rod of your recliner, it is good to go!

Final Words

It is true that branded things always ensure our best service against all adversity. But there is another fact; everything is not just as perfect as we want them to be.

However, if your old one is not comforting you the way you want it, you need to know the restring procedures and follow the instruction consciously.