How To Turn An Indoor Rug Into An Outdoor Rug

How To Turn An Indoor Rug Into An Outdoor Rug? Definitive Guide

Generally, while we talk about an outdoor rug, it appears in our mind as a stiff, dark layering with a rough surface and average outlook that can withstand heavy traffic or harsh weather. Well, it is true. Do you want a plush underfoot and stylish carpet on your entrance or patio?

In most cases, various householders maintain an outdoor space with indoor conveniences to keep the place more cozy and homely. If you are one of them, you can make an outdoor rug out of indoor rugs.

The durable indoor rugs can be perfect for terrace, pool, lawn, balcony, entrance, or other outdoor spaces. But you need to understand if the indoor rug can withstand heavy traffic, rain, or heat.

If you do not know how to turn an indoor rug into an outdoor rug, we have something for you! Keep reading on to figure it out!

Determine The Rug Material

Before starting the turning method, the first thing you need to determine the rug material. You should always remember to choose a material that is reliable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.

determine rug material

You can pick polypropylene, polyester, synthetic, etc whatever you want. You will also see indoor rugs with olefin material that has been used as a marine setting or forming ropes. You will get to know about reliable materials in our article about outdoor rug material. These materials are easy to maintain, durable and convenient to use outdoors.

Rug Cleaning Procedure

While doing this turning, you should always notice if it can withstand a damp wash. If the rug is made with soft cotton, polypropylene, or olefin, it will be resistant to water and also have a quick-drying feature.

You can also vacuum clean the indoor rugs that you want to use as outdoor components. If the rug is affected by a tough stain, you can use fabric bleach to remove that. Overall, you can turn them if it can bear a damp wash regularly.

Choosing The Rug Size

While searching for indoor rugs to use as outdoor rugs, you will be overwhelmed seeing the variations of sizes and shapes. In that case, you need to measure the area where you will place the rug, and then, determine the rug size.

If you are placing the rug in front of a chair, sofa, or couch, you can go for the smaller rugs. On the other hand, if you want to cover or define an area, you can go for the bigger rugs. Here, one thing you need to know, the bigger rugs are more expensive than the smaller ones.

Choosing The Rug Color

It is an essential step. You will see, the outdoor rugs tend to be dark in color so that the dirt is less visible. Though an indoor rug is easy to clean, you should be concerned to pick the color, texture, or patterns to use as outdoor rugs.

choosing the rug color

For example, if you are using the rug on a green lawn, you can choose lime or peacock blue. If you are using it on a wood deck, any earthen color would be suitable.

Layering the rug

After getting a reliable indoor rug to layer as an outdoor rug according to the steps we have stated before, you can simply use it in your deck or patio. You can also use the rug on top of another outdoor rug to add definition to your space. This idea is useful for gardens, patios, or picnic spots.

As the indoor rugs come in various patterns and designs, spreading them in your outdoor area will instantly and effortlessly change the entire look of the space. If you can do manage to do this, the area will feel warmer and add a greater impact.

Final Words

The outdoor rugs are a bit more expensive than the indoor ones, we understand the fact. So, if you want to put all the outdoor components together, feel free to use an outdoor rug. It is one of the best things you can do to decorate your outdoor area if you are on a tight budget and want to add some spice.

As now you know how to make an outdoor rug out of indoor rug, it will be easy for you to decide on the right product.