How To Use a Glass Oil Burner

How To Use a Glass Oil Burner? Detailed Guide for Beginners

A glass oil burner is the most common mechanical device that is used for industrial purposes, household purposes, and even scientific purposes to some extent.

Different types of oil like essential oil, fragrance oil, etc., can be used in this glass oil burner.

So, knowing how to use a glass oil burner is essential and will be helpful for you as well. Glass oil burner makes the work of diffusing or vaporizing oil a whole lot easier.

So, knowing how to use this will be beneficial for you. And glass oil burner is very much safer, easier, and more convenient to use than many other heating devices that are available on the market.

But all the usefulness of the glass oil burner will go in vain if you cannot use the glass oil burner properly. Because then you will face difficulties installing and using the glass oil burner in the right way.

This article has been designed to make sure that you know the use of glass burners properly. Along with that, you will also get to know some essential detail about the it.

What Is A Glass Oil Burner

What Is A Glass Oil Burner

It is a tiny, pot-shaped container made of glass that holds solid, liquid, or gaseous diffuser material and has a metal screen. The bottom opening is large enough to allow the end of incense to stick through and onto the filter.

In simple words, a glass pipe is a type of oil burner that is used to evaporate oil by rapidly heating the bottom portion of the spherical. It is basically a ball-like bowl.

A portion of an oil furnace, water heater, or boiler is basically a glass oil burner. It ignites heating oil and biodiesel fuel, which is then used to heat either air or water through a heat exchanger.

The interesting part about a glass oil burner is its lifespan. Glass oil burner usually lasts longer if the burner is vacuumed and cleaned properly and on a regular basis. So, you can save money as well just by being careful.

How To Use a Glass Oil Burner

To Use a Glass Oil Burner

The glass oil burner has been used as a heating device for oils for many years. It is a very ancient practice. But whether the glass oil burner will provide the performance that you are expecting depends on the way of using it.

So, your failure to use the glass oil burner correctly may result in a bad performance of the glass oil burner. And you surely don’t want this. That is why you need to know the precise method of using it.

But worry not. The process is quite easy to understand. And even if you don’t understand, I am here to make it easy for you.

The whole process has a few steps. Here, I will be demonstrating those few steps in an easy way so that you can understand them.


The first step that you need to follow is to clean the glass oil burner properly. If you don’t clean the glass oil burner properly, the lights will be blurred. Also, cleaning will increase the lifetime of the burner. And then pour oil into it.


The very next step is lighting the burner. To do that, you can use a match or something like that. If the first try fails, make sure you have everything you’ll need. You have to allow the oil to heat up until it emits smoke or steam after lighting it with a standard strike-anywhere match. Make sure to keep your face away from the flame of the oil lamp to avoid major harm. Remember ensuring safety should be your first priority.


Now, to heat it up, you can use a lighter fluid or electric candle warmers. But one thing you have to remember is that you cannot use lighter fluid that has been made specifically for stoves as it may cause accidents. Another reminder is that if you use candle warmers, make sure to discharge the wick before using the candle warmer.


Now you can add something to the oil of the glass oil burner to make a good fragrance and to make the atmosphere beautiful. And what could be better than using essential oil to create a good fragrance! Use a good portion like ⅔ drops of essential oil and see the magic yourself.


Now you are all set to use the glass oil burner to have a beautiful time with your loved ones. Make sure that there is no heavy wind around. That’s all you have to do. Very easy, right?

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How can I clean the glass oil burner?

Well, that’s a very good and important question.

You must clean the glass oil burner on a regular basis to make sure it doesn’t get blurred, and you can use it for a longer time.

To clean the glass oil burner, you need a cotton swab and warm water as the initials. First, use the cotton swab to clean the dirt that is unwashable, then boil the water and put that warm water in it for approximately 10/15 minutes, and then rub the burner with the cotton swab again. And that’s it; you are done with the cleaning process.

How much oil can the glass oil burner hold?

That actually depends on the size of the burner.

The size of every glass oil burner basically isn’t the same. But mostly, all-glass oil burners can hold up to 10/15 drops of oil and around 10 ml of water. But if the size of the oil burner is bigger, then it will be able to hold more than 10/15 drops of oil. I would suggest you ask the manufacturer about this before buying it.

Can I use oil beads instead of oil?

Occasionally, yes.

I did use oil beads instead of oil for some time. It gave almost the same performance. But I personally prefer using the oil. But yes, you can use oil beads occasionally or even regularly if you have got no problem with the scent of the oil beams.

Final Words

Use a Glass Oil Burner

This whole article explains how to use a glass oil burner. Not only that, you will be able to know the other details about the glass oil burner as well throughout this article. And that will help you to choose your preferred one too.

So, read this article carefully, and you will see that the process of using a glass oil burner will seem like a piece of cake.