How to Use Stretch Belt Tool

How to Use Stretch Belt Tool? Detailed Guide for Newbie

A Stretch belt is a significant component of the engine to stretch over the pulley. You will see two wheels and a belt around them, which is holding both wheels together inside the engine.

As we all know, the stretch belt is quite sensitive, so it is recommended some particular tools to repair stretch belt. Otherwise, the belt will cut or wear and tear if you simply go with a screwdriver.

So, you need the exact belt tools to install or remove the belt and must know how to use the stretch belt tool.

Don’t worry about the process. It’s very easy for you to understand. The way of process is described in a very simple way. This article is absolutely designed for you to know about the process. Let’s dive into the process.

Stuff You Need:

  • Safety glasses
  • Hand gloves
  • Hand ratchet

Let’s get into the Process of How To Use Stretch Belt Tool

Let’s get into the Process of How To Use Stretch Belt Tool


The first step you need to do is wear hand gloves and use safety glasses. Before using the tool, confirm that the tool has a remove side and an install side.

You will notice that Remove is written on the side of removal, and Install is written on the side of the installation. You will use the remove side first.

Also will obviously use that side to remove the stretch belt from the pulleys. You will see some little cleft right there.

Try to attach the removed side over the pulley, and it will fit right over your pulley. When it fits into your pulley, you are done with the first process.


Next, what you need to do is use your hand ratchet. You need to turn your crankshaft when you are doing this; that’s going to pull the belt right off.

When you are doing this, you are going to kind of assist this onto this tool, and this is just going to slide it right off the front of the pulley. The stretch will come off by doing this process continuously and smoothly.


After removing the stretch belt, you need to install the new one. Now time for installation. You will see the word ‘Install’ is written on the installation part.

More need to reverse the previous procedure. You need to put the install side up smoothly on the pulley like before. There is a cleft on it right there.

You need to set it right there. Now take your belt and go ahead. Try to run it on your pulley and end with the pulley that you are using the tool on.

Go for it, assist it and run it up just a little bit. Try to do it patiently. You need to keep the belt in the grooves on the other pulleys while you are doing this.


Now you need to do the same thing that you did earlier with the crank pulley. You need to turn it until the belt is run on and assist the belt on your other pulleys to make sure that it doesn’t come out of the grooves on the other pulleys.

After this, you need to rotate that just like before. Continue it until the stretch belt is tight and perfectly set on the pulley.


After completing all these jobs, once your belt is installed, make sure that the belt ribs are aligned properly on the pulley.

When you need to change the stretch Belt

When you need to change the stretch Belt

The Stretch belt will lose Its grip over the grooves after a certain time. If your stretch belt is too old, the material of the stretch belt is going to slip off.

The average life of the stretch belt depends on the environment of the vehicle. Over time, small debris makes the grooves shallow. Then it starts losing. Its grip over pulleys also starts slipping.

This kind of difficulty can cause an accident while driving. To ensure your safety, you need to know when the stretch belt should be replaced.

If the stretch belt is not working properly and It’s has lost Its tight grip over pulleys, then It’s your duty to replace them with a good one.

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Additional things you need to know

  • Make sure that the negative battery cable end is disconnected from the battery before starting the process. This will lessen the chance of accidents happening.
  • Be careful while doing the process. Otherwise, your fingers may catch between the belt and the pulley while you attempt to keep the belt routed on the grooves. Make sure that you do it safely.
  • Don’t forget to wear hand gloves and use safety glasses before doing the process.
  • Always make sure that your stretch belt is not too old, because it can cause accidents
  • Try to change your stretch belt after a certain time.
  • After completing this process, start the engine to check if it is properly working or not.
  • Don’t use any kind of sharp object or screwdriver to install the stretch belt, and it can damage the grooves of the pulleys.
  • In many applications, the groove in the tool fits over the lip of the pulley, and the magnet will hold the tool in place during use.

Final Words

to Use Stretch Belt Tool

The combination removal and installation tool help prevent damage to the stretch belt and pulley. Most stretch belt manufacturers do not recommend that stretch belts be reused. You need to consider the age and condition of the belt if reused.

Installation and removal are the main things that you need to do. If you have gone through this article, you surely noticed some steps you need to do very carefully. Your car is your duty. To maintain the safety of your car, please take off the stretch belt of your car.

I make sure that you can do it by yourself just simply following the above steps.