Maytag Neptune Dryer Wont Start

Maytag Neptune Dryer Wont Start: Troubleshooting Tips to Get it Running

The Maytag Neptune Dryer not starting is a common issue and can be caused by a faulty door switch or a broken thermal fuse. Other possible reasons for the dryer not starting include a broken belt or a faulty motor.

Troubleshooting the specific issue and replacing any defective parts should resolve the problem and get the dryer running again.

Common Causes For A Non-Starting Maytag Neptune Dryer

A Maytag Neptune Dryer that won’t start can be frustrating. One common cause is a faulty power supply. If the dryer is not receiving power, it won’t be able to start. Another possibility is a defective start switch. If the switch is faulty, it won’t send the signal to start the dryer.

Additionally, a tripped thermal fuse can also prevent the dryer from starting. This safety device is designed to shut off the dryer if it overheats. When the fuse is tripped, it needs to be reset or replaced for the dryer to start again.

If your Maytag Neptune Dryer won’t start, check the power supply, start switch, and thermal fuse for any issues.

Checking The Power Supply

The first step in troubleshooting a Maytag Neptune Dryer that won’t start is to check the power supply. Make sure that the dryer is securely plugged in to the outlet. Then, use a multimeter to test the voltage of the outlet.

If the voltage is below the recommended level, it may be the cause of the issue. Additionally, check the circuit breaker or fuse box to ensure that the dryer’s circuit is not tripped or the fuse is not blown. If necessary, reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse.

By following these steps, you can determine if the power supply is the reason why your Maytag Neptune Dryer won’t start.

Troubleshooting The Start Switch

Inspect the start switch for any physical damage. Test the start switch for continuity using a multimeter. If necessary, replace the start switch.

Resetting A Tripped Thermal Fuse

The first step in resolving the issue of a Maytag Neptune Dryer not starting is to reset a tripped thermal fuse. This essential component is typically located in the dryer’s back panel. Before beginning any work, be sure to disconnect the dryer from its power source.

To determine if the thermal fuse is faulty, it can be tested using a multimeter. If it is found to be defective, the thermal fuse should be replaced accordingly. By following these steps, the dryer should be back up and running smoothly.

Other Potential Issues That May Prevent The Dryer From Starting

If your Maytag Neptune dryer won’t start, there may be other potential issues to consider. One possible problem could be a broken door switch. Another potential culprit is a faulty timer or control board. Additionally, a defective motor or belt could be causing the problem.

These issues can prevent the dryer from starting and require attention to resolve the problem. It’s important to address these potential issues as soon as possible to get your dryer up and running again. Professional assistance may be necessary to properly diagnose and fix the problem.

Don’t let a non-starting dryer derail your laundry routine. Stay proactive and tackle the issue head-on to ensure your Maytag Neptune dryer operates smoothly.

Inspecting And Replacing A Broken Door Switch

A common issue with the Maytag Neptune Dryer is it not starting. One possible reason is a broken door switch. To inspect and replace the switch, start by opening the dryer door. Locate the door switch, and then test it for continuity using a multimeter.

If the switch is not working properly, it will need to be replaced. By following these steps, you can resolve the problem and get your Maytag Neptune Dryer up and running again.

Checking The Timer And Control Board

Inspect the console panel for visible damage or burning. Use a multimeter to test the components. If necessary, replace the timer or control board.

Assessing The Motor And Belt

To assess the motor and belt of your Maytag Neptune dryer that won’t start, start by opening the dryer cabinet. Once it’s open, carefully inspect the motor for any physical damage or obstructions. Next, test both the motor and the belt for continuity using a multimeter.

If either the motor or the belt fails the test, it’s likely the cause of the dryer not starting. In that case, you’ll need to replace the faulty component.

Hiring A Professional Technician

When troubleshooting fails to resolve the issue, it may be necessary to hire a professional technician. This is especially true if the dryer is still under warranty or if it requires specialized repair. A professional technician can provide the necessary expertise and assistance with complex repairs or installations that may be beyond the average homeowner’s capabilities.

By seeking professional help, you can ensure that your Maytag Neptune Dryer is properly diagnosed and repaired, saving you time and frustration in the long run. Whether it’s a faulty electrical connection, a malfunctioning component, or an installation issue, a professional technician has the experience and knowledge to address the problem effectively.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional when DIY troubleshooting isn’t enough.

Maytag Neptune Dryer Wont Start: Troubleshooting Tips to Get it Running


Frequently Asked Questions For Maytag Neptune Dryer Wont Start

Why Is My Maytag Dryer Not Starting But Has Power?

Your Maytag dryer may not start despite having power due to a potential issue with the motor or a faulty door switch. Check these components for problems.

Why Is My Maytag Neptune Dryer Not Starting?

There are several possible reasons why your Maytag Neptune dryer is not starting. First, check if it is plugged in properly. Then, ensure that the door is closed and the start button is pressed firmly. Next, verify that the circuit breaker or fuse has not tripped.

Lastly, check if the dryer’s thermal fuse has blown, in which case it may need to be replaced.

How Do I Reset My Maytag Neptune Dryer?

To reset your Maytag Neptune dryer, follow these steps: 1. Press and hold the “Control Lock” button for three seconds. 2. Release the button and wait for the dryer to reset. 3. Once the reset is complete, the dryer will be ready to use again.

When I Press The Start Button On My Dryer Nothing Happens?

When the start button on your dryer is pressed and nothing happens, it could indicate a power issue or a faulty start button.


Dealing with a Maytag Neptune dryer that won’t start can be frustrating, but by carefully troubleshooting and performing basic maintenance, you can often get it up and running again. Begin by checking the power supply, ensuring the door is fully closed, and inspecting the control panel for any error codes.

If none of these issues are at fault, it may be necessary to replace faulty components such as the thermal fuse or the start switch. Regularly cleaning the lint trap and exhaust vent can prevent these and other issues from occurring in the future.

Remember to consult the user manual for specific troubleshooting steps for your model, and if all else fails, contacting a professional appliance repair service may be the best solution. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to resolving the problem with your Maytag Neptune dryer and enjoying its reliable performance once again.