Rug Under Couch Rules

Rug Under Couch Rules! Detailed Guide for Beginners

You will nod your head to the yes point if we say that indoor rugs are an essential component for decoration. So, while buying living room rugs for a couch, you need to be extra concerned because this is the place where the guests come mostly. If you choose the right rug, it will create a positive impression on your guests!

We all know that an indoor rug is an integral part of a house for creating a cohesive décor. But the dizzying number of rugs will confuse you with their size, shapes, and colors. To ease your work, we have compiled the rug under couch rules. We have defined the rules simply so that anyone can maintain them.

Extended Rug Size

While choosing a rug for couch, make sure to get the one that extends the couch area. As you will place the couch on top of the rug, the rug must be visible around the couch. If this is not possible, you can place the couch in any corner of your living room, and keep the front legs of the couch on the rug and back legs off.

select rug size

Make sure if the rug is not too tight under the chair, otherwise, it will tear apart. If your couch is heavy and there is a chance to rip the rug, you can get inexpensive rugs.

Cover The Area

While spreading the rug under the couch, make sure the size is equally adequate to cover the extended area around the couch. If the rug is uneven around the edges, it looks awkward and leads to an unpleasant decoration on your flooring.

The rule of thumb for the rug under couch is, the rug should cover a 10-15 inches area beyond the couch ends. If you are not on a tight budget and want an exclusive floor decoration, you can place two rugs under the couch. But make sure that both of the rugs extend the couch size.

Color And Pattern Of Rugs

The indoor area rugs are an excellent way to add beauty and warmth to the room. Therefore, you should purchase a rug that offers unique and stylish color or pattern. You will see hundreds of variations according to your budget.

A stylish or eye-catching rug will also define your personality. Another rule of thumb is, you need to clean the rugs gently if you want to keep the color locked for a long time.

Leave Some Space

Another concern is, you need to leave some space around the floor edges while spreading the rug under the couch. In short, you must let the floor edge breathe!

Leave some space for rug area

Though the rug size should exceed the couch area, that does not mean you can pick any bigger one. The main focus has to be on the rug size that stays in the middle of the living room. You can also check our article on the doormat for wood deck.

Clean The Rug Regularly

If you want your rug to look like a new one for a long time, you need to clean it regularly. Generally, the rugs are made with such material that requires effortless cleaning. You can damp clean the indoor rugs, or throw them in a washing machine with mild detergent. No matter what method you choose to clean the rugs, always remember to sun dry them. Plus, do not let the floormats stay poachy.

Final Words

We have gathered all the necessary rugs under the couch rules above. No matter how creative you go in choosing the rugs, if you follow the rules properly, you will never be wrong to match the rug with other living room elements.