Rule Of Thumb For Rug Under Dining Table

Rule Of Thumb For Rug Under Dining Table? Easy Guide

The rug is a thick woven layer that covers an area and adds an exquisite aesthetic. It also adds comfort and different touch to a room that visually presents your taste of beauty.

However, finding a rug for dining table is a practical thought because a random product cannot meet all your needs. If you choose a premium quality rug for dining room, it will invigorate the area and add warmth with its finest quality.

So, making your hunt worthy, you need to follow some rules of thumb for the rug under the dining table.

Before Getting The Rug

You need to set a plan before heading to a shop. You need to measure your dining space and rearrange the furniture so that you can layer the rug exactly how you want it. Besides, it will also be easy for you to decide the rug size if you measure the area beforehand.

Decided The Rug Size

If you want a perfectly accentuated rug for dining space, you need to consider the size that will fit the area. An optimally sized rug will perfectly cluster the furniture and exaggerated your dining area.

select the rug size

While picking up a rug, make sure that the size is 20-25 inches larger than the table. Plus, make sure the rug accommodates all the dining chairs. Besides, if the area is small, make sure if the rug edge leaves 10 to 15 inches of the area around the floor edge.

Prioritize Rug Material And Design

One of the most essential things while choosing the rug is to consider its material and design. If the color, style, shape, material, etc., do not match your taste and interior, all your hard work will go in vain.

Have you already decorated your room with furniture and showpieces? Well, then you should match your rug with that environment. You can go for classic or modern whatever style you want, regardless of the materials. But, make sure that the rug compliments your area.

Notice The Backing

You admit it or not, a rug is an art to the floor. So make sure if the rug is lying flat on the floor. If the rug is too thick, then it becomes difficult to move the chairs. On the other hand, a too-thin rug is always a bad choice as they do not ensure any comfort. So, it can be a hazard if the rug backing is not compatible enough.

Notice The Backing

Some Additional Concerns

We have already told you the major rules of thumb for rugs under dining table. But here are some additional tips you need to remember all the time. These rules are applicable for all types of rugs.

  • Try to purchase the rugs that are easy to clean, as there are chances of spilling food.
  • If your table is round, you can skip layering a rug. Rug suits the square or oval tables better.
  • Measure the table and make sure your rug is larger than the table.
  • Also, measure your room. The rug must not exceed or exact the room size.
  • Use a rug pad if you do not want the rug to curl up, especially around the edges.

Purchase the rug after getting all the furniture and fixtures for dining. You can match the rug with furniture. But matching the furniture with a rug? Nearly impossible!

Final Words

Choosing a rug seems an easy task, but the real trouble you face when you actually go to buy one. If you have a plan to décor your interior, you should focus on the fact that whatever you choose, it should naturally match the wall, furniture, and floor. Hopefully, these rules of thumb for rugs will ease all your hurdles to purchase the right product.