Turbo blanket pros and cons

Turbo blanket pros and cons? Which One Should Use & Why?

Turbo blanket is a crucial component of the motorsport industry in this modern era. With an emphasis on the performance market, turbo blankets are now a more widely utilized component in the automobile tuning and motorsport industries.

Basically, the turbo blanket separates the heat generated by the turbocharger and keeps that heat from burning or damaging the engine compartment components that surround the turbocharger. There are many more things that are related to the turbo blanket. We should know turbo blanket pros and cons.

It is important to know more about turbo blankets as it is a daily used product of our daily life. And the thing is every product has some advantages and disadvantages. So, we will be discussing it, and we will also discuss the pros and cons of turbo blankets in this article.

What is a turbo blanket?

What is a turbo blanket

Turbo blankets, commonly referred to as “turbo jackets,” are specially sized products that function similarly to heat wraps in keeping the right sections of an area warm while enabling other areas to maintain proper temperatures. The turbo blanket is an important element for vehicles.

Now the question is, where is the turbo blanket located? A turbo blanket fits snugly around the turbocharger’s exhaust port to keep temperatures within that area and prevent them from leaking out and heating up nearby surfaces.

When each cylinder receives cooled air, all engines operate at their best. To assess airflow, air pressure, and intake temperature, every modern vehicle makes use of a wide range of sensors. Each will play a part in actively adjusting the fueling to maintain maximum performance and engine life.

They pass the airflow via a charge cooler or intercooler to reduce the heat of the once-compressed gases in order to lower the intake temperatures on a turbo automobile. Imagine a part that can be quickly and easily installed after the vehicle is created.

The amazing turbo blankets keep the warm side warm and the cold side cool. Turbo blankets are usually used in most of the vehicles that we use in our daily life. So, I guess now we know something about the turbo blanket.

The pros and cons of turbo blanket

The pros and cons of turbo blanket

A turbo blanket is something that is used by many people on a daily basis, but the unfortunate part is that nobody is aware of the benefits and drawbacks of using a turbo blanket. If you are familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of a turbo blanket, you will be able to decide with absolute certainty whether or not you want one installed in your car.

In the following section, we are going to have a discussion about the pros and cons of this incredible tool. I hope that you read it with great attention.


  1. The engine bay’s interior components are protected by a turbo blanket:

The turbo blanket separates the heat generated by your turbocharger and keeps it from harming or even burning the engine compartment components that surround the turbocharger, including electrical wiring, plastic, rubber hoses, and painted surfaces like the engine bay and the hood.

Additionally, it protects against localized heated areas from harming the engine directly.

  1. By keeping “the hot side hot,” a turbo blanket increases the performance of the turbocharger:

Turbocharger efficiency is increased by ensuring the proper temperature of the exhaust gases within the turbocharger.

  1. By keeping the cool side cool, a turbo blanket influences the efficiency of the turbocharger:

You may already be aware of how crucial it is to maintain cold engine intake air. And turbo blanket is an essential tool in this situation. Turbo blankets assist in this situation by keeping the cold side cool and protecting it from heating.


  1. Risk of getting fire:

If the vehicle has an oil leak from the feed line and the oil touches the blanket and mixes around it, then it may create fire.

  1. Risk of turbo failure:

Turbo blanket usually got a few small disadvantages, and one of those disadvantages is turbo blankets has the risk of causing turbo failure. However, this poor situation can happen rarely.

  1. Increasing expenses:

A Turbo blanket can increase the expense of a user. Usually, a turbo blanket costs around 150 dollars. So, it is quite expensive, and it can definitely be a factor that increases a person’s expense.


Can Turbo Blankets Be Proven To Increase Performance?

Why would you use a turbo blanket?

By covering the hotter turbine housing, turbo blankets are intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness from the cool side of the turbo.

Are turbo blankets really that good?

A turbo blanket keeps your turbocharger’s “hot side hot” to increase performance. If it is properly maintained the temperature of the exhaust gases, then turbocharger efficiency will be increased.

Do turbo blankets reduce the life of turbos?

No. There is a myth that the turbocharger would be harmed by the heat absorbed by the turbo blanket. That’s incorrect. Turbochargers are made to manage temperatures that are much over the maximum engine exhaust temperatures.

Do the turbo blankets create smoke?

There is no need to be concerned. The turbo blanket will smoke shortly, and after a few moments, the smoke will stop.

A turbo blanket can that be washed?

Yes, it can be washed as it doesn’t create any problem.

What are turbo blankets made from?

Turbo blankets are created using a mix of flexible metal, heat-resistant fabrics, and also sometimes volcanic lava rock due to the extreme heat.

Final Words

Turbo blanket pros and cons

It looks like we have come to the end stage, so let’s wrap this up. Turbo blanket is definitely a great tool of this modern era. This amazing thing helps to increase the performance of your turbo, and as a result, it eventually enhances the performance of your vehicle and gives you a comfortable experience.

In this article, we can see some pros and cons of a turbo blanket. But to be honest, turbo blankets have fewer cons and many pros, and I wish now we know many facts and information about turbo blankets and their pros and cons. Hope you get an informative session by reading this.