What to do with a car with a blown engine

What to do with a car with a blown engine? Definitive Guide for 2024

A car with a blown engine can’t be driven. That means it’s pretty useless unless you are a very skilled mechanic willing to spend the time and money to rebuild the motor or unless you plan to use the parts to fix another car you own.

It is a very uncomfortable situation that may arise anytime. If you own a car and start reading this article then, keep going. It bears some magical hacks that will help you in your lifetime once for sure.

As the blown car costs colossal money and takes a long time, finding someone who wants to buy it may be challenging. We’re here to help you out with what to do with a car with a blown engine so that you can solve your problem. So, let’s start.

What are the main signs that an engine has blown?

What are the main signs that an engine has blown

As a car owner, it’s essential to always look for signs of trouble. As you drive down the road, you should watch for strange sounds or other things that might happen. Problems with cars will only get worse! If any of these signs of engine trouble, you should take your car to a repair shop as soon as possible.

More air pollution

If your car’s tailpipe is blowing out more smoke than usual, you should take it to the shop. Blue smoke means oil is burned, and white smoke means that coolant is in the combustion chamber. On the other hand, black smoke means too much fuel is being used.

Knocking noise

Most of the time, a knocking sound that comes from under the hood and changes speed as the engine speed goes up and down is a sign of a bad engine bearing. Engine bearings help keep engine parts moving, and if one of them gets stuck, it will damage your car’s engine.

Less Effectiveness

Have you seen a change in how well your car uses gas? Is it hard to get your car going fast? These things should be taken care of as soon as they arise. Most of the time, these problems can be fixed with a tune-up. It will make your car’s engine less effective and unworthy by time.

Idle Rough

If your car doesn’t stay on when you’re stopped at a red light or elsewhere, you should take it to the auto shop. This could be a symptom of a problem with the fuel delivery, but it could also be caused by any number of big or small problems.

The engine light is on.

Too many people don’t care to check the engine light, which is always essential. It usually means a small problem, but it will get worse if you don’t fix it. You must remember how much you avoid these short problems and how much trouble you are inviting for yourself.

What should I Do if my car’s engine blown away?

What should I Do if my car’s engine blown away

If your car’s engine is broken, it’s unlikely that anyone would want to buy as it is. Motor repairs are expensive and take a lot of time, so instead of selling it as a “fixer-upper,” you should think about selling it in one of these other ways.

Sell the Craigslist Parts

Even if your car’s engine is broken, you can still sell many valuable parts, like the doors, mirrors, and bumper. If you are willing to work to take the parts off without breaking them, you can get your money back and sell the parts on websites such as Craigslist.

Craigslist is a website that is a lot like an online garage sale. You can sign up and then post an ad to sell anything, like car parts. This is an excellent choice if the outside of your car looks promising.

Sell it to a scrap yard.

Don’t worry if you’d rather not have to take your car apart, find buyers, and afterward sell it. Even if the motor is broken, you can drive your car to any digital site, and they’ll take very good care of both the hard parts.

A junkyard is where you can purchase your old car. You can purchase it as-is, and they’ll use it for sections, or you can purchase it as waste. Even if the motor is broken, you won’t produce virtually as much as the vehicle  is worth if you sell it for scrap.

Sell your car.

Even though a car with a busted engine may not be worth much to you or anyone else, most car dealers will take it as a trade-in. You can use this to help pay for a new car by trading in your old one. The car lot will then take your car, sell it, break it up, and use the parts.


1. How much is my car worth if the engine is blown?

How much more is my car worth if the engine is blown? If the engine in your car will not really work, you can predict to get at least $3,000 less now than the engine worked. So, if your car is in good shape and worth $10,000, you should expect to get between $4,000 and $7,000.

2. Does it make sense to replace a busted engine?

When this happens, it can do a lot of damage to the valves and pistons in your engine. This can cause parts of the piston to drop into the oil pan and hurt engine parts. In this case, getting a new one is usually best because the repair work can be too costly.

3. Is it cheaper to fix an old engine or buy a new one?

Most of the time, rebuilding an engine to fix it is cheaper than purchasing a new one. But sometimes, it’s not a good idea to start over. If rebuilding the engine cost as much as buying a new one, your mechanic should tell you that upfront.

4. How far could you go if your engine is blown?

Within one day, some engines will no longer work at all. You may well be able to take the vehicle every week or every few months when you’re using a stopgap measure. Generally, you shouldn’t drive if you think your head gasket is broken.

5. When a motor blows up, what happens?

Hot oil will leak out of the tunnel in the block or casing and onto the hot exhaust, which could start a fire or a lot of blue smoke. A broken valve that makes a hole in the top of a piston is another way an engine can fail. You need to consider these situations as well. Because these situations can cause you trouble and consume your time as well.

Last Words

Take out any parts which can still be decided to sell or used for something else before you sell the car for scrap. Older cars may have original parts like emblems and labeled stick shift handlebars, which are now being sold to be broken down; these tiny parts shouldn’t change the price.

You can then sell this stuff on eBay, Facebook Global market, or Craigslist to make more money. Hopefully, you have a better idea of what can cause your engine to blow, how to stop it, if it’s worth fixing. If your car is old and doesn’t have much value, a blown engine may be the end of the road for it.

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