Why Does Lumbar Support Hurt My Back

Why Does Lumbar Support Hurt My Back? A Step by Step Guide

We all know that reclining chairs are the most suitable option for people with a bad back who want to enjoy a comfortable sitting position. If you do a desk job, you also need a recliner to avoid work fatigue and stress.

It is a common scenario for a workaholic person to enter home exhausted and drained. Your job may require you to lift heavy things or sit for a long time. If you experience incorrect sitting posture, your back pain will be terrible, and day by day, the pain will damage your spine.

In that case, a recliner chair with lumbar support is the best option. Even after using recliner chairs, many of you may have questions, “Why does lumbar support hurt my back?” or “Is too much lumbar support bad for back?” and so on. Here we will talk about all your confusions to properly utilize a lumbar support recliner chair so that it does not hurt your back.

How Does Lumbar Support Hurt Back


Generally, the lumbar support of a reclining chair pushes the spine to stay in a healthy position. But, the problem begins when you adjust the support wrong. If that happens, your backbone does not get the required support and bend in the wrong curve. At that point, the spinal discs face increased pressure, which leads to extreme back pain. If it goes on like this, intense spinal injury occurs.

How To Position A Recliner

It is an essential concern to place the lumbar support of the recliner in a suitable place. Most of the time, your back pain starts if the lumbar support is too high or too low. A simple solution is to adjust the lumbar support according to your comfort zone.

To avoid back pain due to the wrong sitting position, you need to place the chair a little closer to your desk. Make sure the chair remains in the exact place where you want it. Read more about how zero-gravity chair function.

Proper Lumbar Support Placement

If your lumbar support does not fit with the S curve of your backbone, it will cause you immense back pain. If the back support is too high, it will make you lean forward and make you feel frazzled. The same thing happens when you place the lumbar support too low.

Proper Lumbar Support Placement

In that case, the goal is to keep the lumbar support according to the natural curve of your backbone. The adjustment should be direct to your bending line. Most of the recliners offer adjustable lumbar support, so you always have a chance to adjust the height and back of the chair and lumbar support according to your comfort zone.

Ergonomic Armrest

Although it does not seem so essential, the ergonomic armrest of a lumbar support recliner plays a vital role in ensuring a comfortable sitting posture. The armrest should be in that way to provide you a parallel angle according to your body.

Also, you need to notice if the armrest gives you much support when you lie and leave your entire weight on the chair. It will be great if your chair has an adjustable armrest so that you can fix the placement until you get the proper comfort.

Some Additional Consideration

Most of us blame the chair for uneven back support, which is partially true. But our sitting posture is also responsible for that. You do not always need to sit straight upright for a long time. Day by day, the same sitting posture will weaken your spine.

some additional consiration for proper poisture

It may feel nothing in the beginning, but day by day, it will damage your back. If you want to avoid unexpected back pain, you must keep your position changing. Also, you will be able to ignore a lot of the fatigue or stress after following a convenient sitting posture.

So whenever you have a seat on a reclining chair, you should sit keeping your shoulder, hip, hands aligned by your spine. You can then recline the backrest of the chair 100 to 120 degrees and keep your hips far back so that your lumbar gets complete back support.

Final Words

Nowadays, most people suffer from back pain as they mostly do desk jobs. Besides, our modern lifestyle is primarily responsible for body pain. So if you still think why lumber support hurt your back, then the only solution is to maintain a suitable posture and choose the right recliner.