Zero Gravity Chair Locking Mechanism

Zero Gravity Chair Locking Mechanism! – How To Lock Recliner

A zero gravity recliner is a type of chair that offers a comfortable position in any situation. It can swivel or glide according to your control to provide you a convenient place where you can enjoy a good time.

You can release all your body pain and fatigue after leaning on a suitable zero gravity recliner. And here comes the technique to control the recliner with the locking lever. While adjusting the position to your comfort zone, you need to lock the lever to hold it in place.

Adjusting a zero gravity chair at a particular position surely needs some mechanism. Keep scrolling down to know about the zero gravity chair locking mechanism.

Adjust Reclining Position

The first thing you need to do is to adjust the reclining position according to your preference. To do so, you need to sit in the recliner and lean on against its backrest. You do not need to push hard to recline the backrest because it requires less strength.


It would be best to choose the recliner according to your height and weight so that your leg can reach the footrest and your spine can get firmer back support without any hard effort.

Tilt The Chair Forward

This step can be a bit difficult compared to the first step, but not so impossible. However, you need to keep the backrest upright and lock the footrest first. Then, tilt the recliner forward to disclose the lower side of the chair.

As we have said before, this step is tricky, so you need to do this work using both of your hands. Also, you can take others’ help to complete this procedure faster and proceed to the next step.

Find The Lever

Now, you will find a wing nut or a pair of wheels underneath the seat to adjust the recliner tension. Here comes a note that the non-adjustable chairs do not include such levers.

The lever on both sides of the recliner is connected with the same reclining tension spring. In most cases, this recliner seat mechanism might be slightly different. However, this reclining lever locks the lever in place and does not move after you lean on it, regardless of your height and weight.

Lock The Lever In Place

At this point, turn the lever clockwise to increase the reclining tension or anti-clockwise to do the opposite. Here, you need to adjust the lever of both sides in the same direction. You do not need any kit to rotate the mechanism. You can do it with your fingers. Hence, if you want to tighten the levers a bit more, you can use pliers.

lock the lever in place

We urge you to adjust the lever slowly and carefully. Otherwise, you will ruin the mechanism, and the recliner will turn useless.

Check The Position

After fixing the levers, you need to sit in the chair and check if the position feels comfortable for you. If the situation is correct, you can enjoy sitting. On the other hand, if you do not find any comfort with the reclining tension, repeat the entire procedure and fix your cozy place.

Additional Repairing

Even after locking the levers, if your recliner is not working as you need, you may need to check the mechanism inside. Sometimes, the spring does not work right if it is too old. In that case, you need the replace the spring with a new one.

The replacement is too easy, and you can solely do it. All you need is to turn the recliner upside down, find the spring, cut that off with pliers, and place the new spring. However, while buying a new spring, make sure if it is heavy-duty and rust-resistant.

Final Words

The reclining chair locking lever is the most important part of it. Without a proper function, the chair is nothing but a regular armchair. Hereof, you know how to lock a zero-gravity recliner. After fixing the position correctly, you can peacefully lean on it.